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UGH, probably going to be another day and a half.... :-(

"ComEd expects to have the vast majority of customers restored on July 4 with isolated, smaller outages extending into the evening of July 5. This area’s boundaries are at approximately Route 43 (Harlem) to the east, the DuPage County Line to the west, Route 64 (North Avenue) to the north and Route 34 (Ogden) and I-88 to the south. This area took the brunt of 90 mile per hour winds and intense lightening and experienced significant damage. Mature trees were completely uprooted and destroyed power lines. ComEd is effectively rebuilding much of its infrastructure in these communities..."
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Photos under cut: Read more... )

This is old news but July 1st we had 1"+ hail and 90mph winds. House and pets are fine. Yard is a mess. And its now July 4th and we still have no electricity (and thus, no water, as we have a private well), and its been around 100'f going on a week now. We have a generator and a portable AC unit but it barely manages to keep the one room it is installed in below 86'F during the afternoon. There are still some side roads blocked by large trees and downed wires.

Bugland also has a new home aide, who seems fine, except that I can't understand 80% of what she says. I'm impatient with the drs, they're not really treating anything other than the pain, and even that, not as well as could be IMHO. Their "excuse" is that there is always some new symptom that they must explore before they can treat anything. So, the RSD was sort of put aside to explore the MS, the MS is put aside because they want to explore the epilepsy, and now they are distracted by bug's lungs- which I don't quite understand.

One day I'll find time to write and post a fic update. I'm sadly tempted to post raw script/notes, rather than the final story form.


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