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strange/interesting how things ferment at the back of one's mind until quite a while later, AHA so that's the answer/meaning/whatever.

This little doodle I did years ago...

Bug and I have been writing, and we are wrapping up a specific scene, and while I was searching for something else, I came across this entry via journal tags and thought, 'holy crap, we just wrote that'.  Not, you know, Snape and Harry naked on a bed, 'cause we and plenty of others have written that in many delicious ways.  But specifically, this exact pose, the mood, even Harry appearing 'aged down' (there's a wee spoiler for anyone interested, but I can't imagine that revealing anything of importance at the moment; afterall, he's a shapeshifter, and he's aged himself up in previous books, so why not the other way around?).  The only thing missing in the image is a the ****  lol, ;-)  

Even Bicrim's comment about it looking more parental than romantic is, just... at first I thought, wow, she picked up on that so early, but then realised i didn't say the image was ABP related so it musta just been the image speaking to her, and my unconscious thru the picture (no, don't worry (or hope, if the case may be), ABP does NOT turn into a Severitus fic.)  For those wondering, no HP is not wanking for Snape's entertainment (or potion ingredients, or anything else), but feel free to consider it independant of ABP, or some character's fantasy or something.

The current unfinished book, and the one right after it, might actually get smooshed into one (not positive yet), and this scene is in the one after the current one we left off on, unless they are combined, in which case, it will be in the current book.   I am really eager to get to it.  It had some really horrible stuff to write in it, but totally necissary if they're going to ever heal / move forward. 

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I came across this page at the Smithsonian magazine site: link.

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I am going to try really hard to post here more, even though I do not have any fic updates yet (i don't know why its so hard to post, or why i don't want to really think about why.)

For my first post, I have two, unrelated things to post on...

1. Any one have any recs for gardening communities where I could post photos of Squash and get feedback on what varieties they most likely are? 

2. I have noticed (since Bugland asked me to co-write a relatively short one-shot (HP travelling back in time to meet a Snape just a few years older than he is) that I have a strong preference for Teacher Snape / Student Harry.  If I MUST write outside of this (eg a gift request that has teacher/student or underage listed as a squick), that I prefer future fics rather than fics that attempt to make them closer ina ge (eg: (de)-aging potions, time travel, etc)

This is not because I prefer older/younger pairings or underage characters, pairings that are considered controversial or illegal in the fic' setting, or a preference for one character to be one in a position of authority.  I like plenty of pairings that do not fit the moulds that Teacher Snape / Student Harry fit into.   Why should this be?  Two possibilities that came to mind are:

A. Canonically, the characters have a teacher/student relationship (the non-sexual type of relationship I mean here).  I thought about, and found in support of this, that I would not care for Remus/Sirius fic where they were significantly different ages.


B. I think they are more psychologically/emotionally/developmentally matched at that point-  but they are also both rather stagnated in their development ; only  until they are in a relationship, do they begin to mature together, as they try to make it work.    I also dislike  fic where HP is paired with Ron or Hermione or Ginny (the first two are just keepign things the same, the second is just doing what others expect of him, which is all he has ever really done), or fics pairing Snape with Lily, and I do not care for SS/HP fics set FAR in the future where they have worked out their differences for the most part (also since the few i've read often are placed at the ends of their live(s) together- but that is another topic),

I suspect there maybe even other reasons, I've yet to put a finger on, as this is a new revelation for me. 



Feb. 9th, 2012 12:26 am
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I now have had the experience of dialing 911. Read more... )

Meanwhile, I have my own pharmacy/insurance mix-up we're tryign to sort out. Read more... )

Speaking of next month... I'm excitedly looking forward to putting in our poultry order- Read more... )

There is also a good chance (*crosses fingers*) that we will get a ram (*and* at a great price because his owner thought she might use him, and then never did, and he's past the popular "lamb" age to 3 babydoll sheepsell.... this though is actually really good for us, not just in price but because we be sure he is calm even after becoming fertile). Anyway, Read more... )

We do have a new aide for Bug- so far they seem nice, they haven't swept the dirt under the sofa  (we don't have a rug for that),  and I don't think they've stolen anything!  (Its really sad that this has become a criteria).  Read more... )

I see I have a gazillion (it feels like) snarry fics to read from the last fest... I keep telling myself that having lots of snarry to read is normally a good thing, lol.  In the last exchange, Bug and i wrote: Wandless; and
[personal profile] gingertart50 wrote Heart of Stone for us, which I still have to read.  Bug and i actually have an epilogue for Wandless but couldn't get it done in time- fortunately it stood on its own.  But, I'll try to get that up soon.  Although "soon" is relative and our track record has been pretty abysmal...

Oh hell, look at the time, and i have to be up at a decent hour tomorrow :-(

Back, trouble sleeping.  And I see Bug is still up on second life in zombie mode.  The house call dr put them on Lunesta- which past experience tells us is BAD NEWS (eg: sleep walking/sleep online surfing with no clue wtf you are doing).  I've already had to rescue them from almost walking off the bed, trying to grab the rotating ceiling fan.  They went to our regular dr who instead of prescribing something else, increased the lunesta dose!  I fully expect them to fall down the stairs, and/or spend a thousand dollars online on virtual "goods".  There has got to be something else they can take, (other than Ambien which was just as bad).  Do the drug co's give the dr's kick backs that outweigh the risk of being sued by people who get injured/killed on these drugs???? >:(

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Mini snarry digital sketch

Untitled because I *know* something is going on here, but I can't quite figure it out.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so please  tell me the story here (though not exactly in a thousand)


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