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this is expanded from the post here: Neighbour attacked our dog - need advice.

Questions about whether or not to file a report/press charges etc are in THAT post.

THIS post has only questions about dog behaviour. But the story details might still be useful for those answering the questions about reports/charges in the earlier post.

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I have the "short" version of the story here, and I will do the "long version" in the next post. I apologise the other one is so long, but I want to provide background, and the situation itself had a lot going on in it, and finally, i have lots of questions about it. I greatly appreciate reading this all and feedback (for those who can)

Short story:

While walking our dog, Mikołaj, tonight, a neighbour (at the opposite end of the block) physically assaulted him without provocation (our dog went passive and did not fight back).

Interfering with, let alone hitting, a service dog (or one in training as ours is), even when off duty, is a misdemenor in our state; intentionally causing injury to one is a felony.

I do not yet know if Mikołaj has injuries. We're keeping an eye on him and will take him to the vet on Monday (or earlier if he suddenly starts have symptoms of concern).

The only witness was the assailant's family member who I doubt will tell the truth (but who knows). Unless Mickey has internal injuries, we have no proof.

Do we:
  • Just avoid them (not too difficult)
  • File a Police Report and/or Press Charges
  • Go over there and tell them that if they do something like that again, we will press charges
  • Ditto, but instead of telling them, tell the woman that lives there if we can find out when she's around and the guys are not
  • Ditto, but tell them via a written letter.
  • Something Else

    Please note they have a Rottweiler Puppy. After this, I would suspect they treat her the same or worse. :-(

    However, I am also CONCERNED that if we do something, they will retaliate, and having a backyard full of chickens and sheep, which while legal, is a tad uncommon, might appear as an easy thing for them to target us by, either by filing false complaints with the county/animal control, or causing harm to them (eg: throwing poison over the fence etc).
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    Which is NOT pretty.....

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