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Oh Fuck You PayPal!!!  Because I don't have enough $ to open an extra bank account to link to you, I can't activate my replacement Debit card even though I've been a PayPal user for over a decade?  Now, if anyone buys and pays for anything i sell online, I cannot use that money to pay any of my bills!!!  I even have money in paypal right now, and I have overdue Gas and Electric and Dr bills and Prescription co-pays, and no money in checking.  I was so glad to get my replacement debit card so I could Pay some of this stuff and Now I can't!   I can only use the money in my paypal now at online stores that accept paypal, and I don't have enough "wiggle room" every month to afford to buy such luxuries.  Fuck you you fucking fuckers for holding my $ hostage.  I wish I believed in a Hell so I could imagine all the ways you should be made to suffer there  >:(
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A chick/poult (baby chickens/turkeys) order i've been waiting on just came back to me b/c they didn't get payment- Why? PayPal only knows. I have a backup credit card that they are supposed to use in such cases (and regularly DO use). I checked the card- there's more than enough $ on it. But Paypal claims there isn't.... WTF.

So Now I have to call the hatchery tomorrow, explain, and have them just debit the credit card directly instead of going thru paypal (and have Bug pretend to be me if they need to verify why the name on the Credit Card (birth name) doesn't match the name I use for shipping or even my PayPal card).

This (paypal thinking I either don't have a back up fundign source, or thinking I don't have money available when I DO) has happened to me before- once online, and once when checking out at a store. It seems completely random. Does anyone else have this problem happen?


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