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Although I've commented very little in other people's journals, I have been closely following the responses to the controversial NSFW artwork that I did, and they have brought up a number of thoughts for me. Below the cut are these thoughts, and I am putting them out here for discussion and to learn from. I am not out to change anyone's feelings/interpretations of the art with these questions....

I am uncomfortable with the comments that Ogi is so Ugly that no one would want to see him naked. Just because a person isn't someone else's "type" (which is perfectly all right), doesn't mean that that person cannot be anyone's type. Read more... )
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Well! I totally expected to get some negative feedback in addition to positive feedback on my last post. I didn't expect it to get ranted over in other journals though. 

I have made the following update to the last post with the (very NSFW) art:

ETA: based on some people's reactions if you find the depiction of rape fantasy triggery you probably want to avoid this image. (I'm sorry that I did not realise my original warnings/wordings were not clear enough for some people).

ETA 2:
I was initially uncomfortable about posting this- about how people interpret it- because it is featuring subjects that I'm pretty sensitive about the portrayal of (for those who don't know me, I am in a nutshell; bi, trans, and crossdress (not for kink)...). There is nothing wrong or shameful about homosexuality, with trans*ness, with gender bending etc.. The "shame" I see in the image, is the fictional-ogi's internalised shame at what culture has taught him to believe about his own fluid sexual nature, ignored by favouring strict evolutionary biology interpretations; those shoved down desires come through in an unusual fantasy. My thoughts about this aside, I cannot control how others interpret it- a writer/artist must at some point let go, and I'm doing so now - I might clarify a very specific question directed to me here and there, but I'm not going to go thru replying/debating with those who comment. At a certain point, the creator is dead and all. But discussion in comments between others is still welcomed.


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