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When playing a game such as, The Sims, I pretty much always get a craving for whatever the characters are wanting to eat or actually eating- usually mac n cheese.

When playing The Long Dark, I am lucky when my character has tinned tomato soup.   Unfortunately, that's a bit of a luxury.  Most often, my character starts with nothing but: mouldy granola, stale crackers, sardines and DOG FOOD.  You're doing good if, before finding a working gun, you find a deer carcas and scavange some rancid deer meat.  YUM!


ETA: as I'm telling Bug about this, Mikołaj the Service Dog woke up and is making pathetic sounds like 'where's the Rancid Deer Meat?  I waaaaaant some!'

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Bugland and I have been working on ABP stuff (almost regularily now, yay) and there is a plot point that a while back we discussed changing.  The other day I realised the change really wouldn't work, so I turned to them to suggest we go back to the original idea.  First they said "no, absolutely not..." and then proceeded to explain that this was because Snape "believed in the cycle of life" and as such such would want to be eaten by "scavengers", like vultures in Tibet, and how would Harry feel about that, for that matter, how would *I* feel about it, given that we already have burial plots, and how would we ensure that we were both eaten by the same scavegers?  Especially as one may drag a body one way and another drag the other body another way... they'd have to post someone to watch and shoo away all but one vulture who would have to eat both of us (which gave me a mental imagine of a grim parody of the movie "Seven", but with a vulture being forced to eat bowls and bowls of entrails instead of spaghetti)  Anyway,  by this point, I realised they were talking in their sleep, and reassured them, they just needed to tie the bodies together, no one had to stand guard.

Well, the next day, I told them about it, and they laughed so hard, Mikolaj, our service dog, came running over to check on them, acting as if he was worried that Bug was having a seizure.  After a bit, he realised Bug was not having a seizure, and boy, did he look like the world's happiest dog just them.

It also came up, the ways the internet has changed since we started ABP, and where as we used to do text 'outtakes', today, youtube videos of what we say out loud while writing certain scenes could be the equivilent.  Except enither of us want to have a camera on us.  I suppose we could point it at Mikolaj, so you'd have silly dog faces as commentary to our talking while writing.

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Noticed 16 ppl "like" him, but only 4 ppl "voted".... you MUST click the VOTE BUTTON- just "like" won't count! (Unless those people voted earlier and can't change it but wanted to say hi)

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Noticed 16 ppl "like" him, but only 4 ppl "voted".... you MUST click the VOTE BUTTON- just "like" won't count! (Unless those people voted earlier and can't change it but wanted to say hi)
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This year has been so depressing.  Bug and I have desperately been trying to write but we've maybe done the equivalent of 1 chapter spread out over the year.  My pain dr won't do anything about the meds not helping b/c my pain is getting worse because a ton of physical work has been dumped on me in the past year.  Drs won't do anything about my worsening sleep problems either.  

We lost two of our cats, Toby and Susan, just a few months ago.  We've been having mounting problems with medical and dental issues.  I have panick attacks almost every day.  During the worst of them, bug tried to give me a hug and because I was rocking so hard (they were on/behind me and I was in a sort of fetal position) the movement ended up hurting their neck/back where they have spondelosis, exactly the thing I try to prevent them doing to themselves when they have a seizure. and they spend the rest of the day having to crawl everywhere because they couldn't feel their feet.  Bug desperately needs to see a dentist who can work on them w/o damaging their neck by tilting/turning it the wrong way or thy''ll loose their teeth soon (their meds dry their mouth making decay/gingivitis accelerate).  They also need to get rod put in their neck to stablise it from the spondelosis that started back in childhood and has been getting worse- the bones are crumbling.  I need two teeth worked on too or I'll loose them, but that is much less important than her tooth and neck problems.

Whenever i look at A Bittersweet Potion or other fanfic work, or see some post about how its supposedly discontinued I end up crying.   Ditto for any of my rat genetics articles.  I repeatedly fuck up paying the bills, getting things in late, sending the wrong amounts to the wrong companies (like switching the figures, dyslexic).  I am completely useless and if I wasn't terrified of what would happen to Bugland, and of screwing it up and ending up in a hospital i'd probably be ded already. 

My grandmother is dying; it's the 20th anniversary of my dad's death and  Last month we had a terrible emergancy with our Disability Service Dog Mickey and expected him to die. Mickey is named for my grandfather who also died less than a year before my father when I was in highschool.  Our regular vet would allow us to pay what we could over time, but they couldn't help him and we had to go to a specialty vet- who doesn't know us and won't do that for us.  Diagnosing him alone required multiple X-Rays., Ultrasounds, a Spinal tap and even a fucking MRI of his brain and spine!

The bills are already around $10,000 and will probably be double that by the time we are done, as he is on a shitload of pain meds and expensive antibiotics that he has to be on for months, plus check-up visits and more XRays and possibly another MRI to know when he is in the "clear"/"cured".  I used up what little savings we had, our credit cards are maxed out, my mum's are or soon will be, and other than me tam my mum and grandmother there's no other family to go to. 

We're supposed to have in-home help, but we've had help for over a month (long story, if you want to know about it, its in the link below.  So I'm doing twice the physical work load I am used to and on less pain meds b/c the dr's are either too scared of the FDA or dn't believe i hurt as much as I claim, esp given my age.  Ontop of that, I've been sick for the past 3 and a half weeks, despite being on antibiotics.  I feel like I have mono again even though I've been told you cant have it twice... I struggle to be awake more than 6 hrs a day... struggle more so that the 6hrs are during business hours so I can get things done.

This is the PLEA:

PLEASE if you can take just a couple minutes and click some buttons and ask your friends to.  You don't have to spend anything.  I need to keep the page telling our dog's story well-visitted enough (if it falls under a certain # visitors, they disable it) to keep ads on it which doesn't give me alot in revenu, but every little bit counts.  Make it your homepage to guarantee a hit a day?  Ask friends to?  That page is here:  Currently the ad is a banner at the bottom, but I will be experimenting with different sizes / numbers / placements. 

TIME SENSITIVE!!!  I know this is late, but with everything going on, and crying every time I tried to write or edit photos, i didn't get it done until now. ...  There is a pet costume contest on the Pet Supplies Plus page.  We usually go to the in store costume contests, but Mickey isn't allowed to go out due to the injuries!    Voting ends on the night of the 31st so if you have a facebook page, PLEASE vote for our dog and ask your FB friends to vote for him.    If we win, we'll get a gift certificate which will help us buy the pet food while we put all our $ towards the vet costs.

Here is the link to vote for him in the costume contest:  I know I fucked up getting him entered so late, but If enough people vote and enough people get their friends to vote, maybe we can at least get 3rd prize?  We have to try!

There are other options on the   page... a donation link if anyone wants to donate, even just $1, and I will be auctioning some of my artwork off on Ebay - I got photos taken i just need to write up the auctions now (first I need to go to the pharmacy and petstore though.... I will post again when I have the auctions up, or you can just bookmark and check back later.

Thank you everyone who helps in any way, even just visiting the page for ad revenue.

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Alchemia will never forget the day another customer at the petshop asked to pet his dog, Mikołaj, and Mikołaj then pee'd on her leg.
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this is expanded from the post here: Neighbour attacked our dog - need advice.

Questions about whether or not to file a report/press charges etc are in THAT post.

THIS post has only questions about dog behaviour. But the story details might still be useful for those answering the questions about reports/charges in the earlier post.

Read more... )
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I have the "short" version of the story here, and I will do the "long version" in the next post. I apologise the other one is so long, but I want to provide background, and the situation itself had a lot going on in it, and finally, i have lots of questions about it. I greatly appreciate reading this all and feedback (for those who can)

Short story:

While walking our dog, Mikołaj, tonight, a neighbour (at the opposite end of the block) physically assaulted him without provocation (our dog went passive and did not fight back).

Interfering with, let alone hitting, a service dog (or one in training as ours is), even when off duty, is a misdemenor in our state; intentionally causing injury to one is a felony.

I do not yet know if Mikołaj has injuries. We're keeping an eye on him and will take him to the vet on Monday (or earlier if he suddenly starts have symptoms of concern).

The only witness was the assailant's family member who I doubt will tell the truth (but who knows). Unless Mickey has internal injuries, we have no proof.

Do we:
  • Just avoid them (not too difficult)
  • File a Police Report and/or Press Charges
  • Go over there and tell them that if they do something like that again, we will press charges
  • Ditto, but instead of telling them, tell the woman that lives there if we can find out when she's around and the guys are not
  • Ditto, but tell them via a written letter.
  • Something Else

    Please note they have a Rottweiler Puppy. After this, I would suspect they treat her the same or worse. :-(

    However, I am also CONCERNED that if we do something, they will retaliate, and having a backyard full of chickens and sheep, which while legal, is a tad uncommon, might appear as an easy thing for them to target us by, either by filing false complaints with the county/animal control, or causing harm to them (eg: throwing poison over the fence etc).
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    Which is NOT pretty.....

    Read more... )
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    He was the only dog people were asking to have their photo taken with.... but the store employees didn't give him one of the 5 possible prizes. A dog that someone just slapped a wig and a tutu on however was.

    Mikołaj also turned 1 year old a few days ago. He's around 105 lbs and growing (slower though now).
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    Here is Mikołaj (or Micky for short).

    He is a Polish Tatra Sheepdog (short wiki article:   He's named after my grandfather who instilled in me a love for animals, nature, farming.  My grandmother was offended.  :-(

    He's going to be huge. He is 3.5 months old and 43 pounds!

    Clck here for a gallery of photos.

    We also are having a Blizzard here in Chicagoland. We should be getting 20-some inches when its over with, Of course, Micky wanted to go outside. Normally, Tatras are cold-loving dogs, but even this was a bit much....


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