Apr. 10th, 2013 02:00 am
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I'd like to find who ever refurbished this originally and put stripped screws inside it (and in the outer case which we had to use a @#$%^& drill to get out) and... uhm, i dunno... make their life unpleasant somehow... Possibly involving stripped screws.

I'd also like to know who invented those damn star-shaped screws. I shouldn't have to go buy a special screw to finish taking this thing apart >:(



Also, Our local Dunkin Donuts is so wasteful.

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Bug's laptop is about to die.  Ive no idea how we're going to get a new one; but if we can manage to, we need something to accommodate her medical problems (MS & epilepsy).  The problem with her last one is that the case is *aluminum*.  Every time she'd have a seizure, or her arm would spasm when closing it/putting it away, it gets banged up.  Badly.  Its popping apart at almost all of the "seams", the screen is coming off from broken hinges, etc..   It's not about being careless, she can't control if/when she's going to have a seizure.   Insurance/warranties won't cover it (even if we paid extra for such a thing at Microcenter, its alot of extra money, for only 2 years of coverage and then, the computer will end up damaged again in a few months leaving us in this same situation).

The only thing i can think of, is that the laptop needs to be in a *steel* case.  But everything on the market seems to be Aluminum.

I've tried to search for steel cased latops (or just the case by itself, I would not mind building it and getting warrenties on the indivual parts as I did with my desk top- the service center at microcenter seems to give one much less hassle about replacements if they know you know what you are doing, instead of just an average joe they can talk into believing that it was their fault and thus not coverable)  But when I search for this, all I get is steel external cases (like a briefcase thing).  I think that might also work- but only if there was a way to A) keep the computer SECURLY inside even if it was knocked over while open and B) was well vented (Bug likes gaming and the computer gets VERY hot).  I'm more inclined to go with a an actual steel cased laptop though, if there is one on the market that is also suitable for gaming, or as a component to build it from scratch (I can't seem to find much online for building laptops... i know its harder than a desk top, but there's got to be some people that do it?)

Can anyone help/advise?

suggestions on how to magically come up with $800 would also be great, lol.

Bug is going to be SO depressed without a laptop - they're in bed almost all day every day :-(



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