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So depressed.   The item on ebay with the right part number turns out to only be the visual part of the screen, and doesn't include the  touch screen glass!   Why would you use the same part number for two different things???

Unless someone knows where else I can get the parts, or has the same laptop that is dead for another reason (eg: dead motherboard etc), I need to raise almost double what I have already, as with the touch screen glass, they want  $300 :-(  which is sadly still cheeper than the $900 that HP wants! 

Here's the reply from the seller I asked just to be sure before spending the money:

Going to ask if they sell JUST the glass, but I rather doubt it, :-(

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Posted an update with thank yous and specifics about where I am right now on our farm site here:

I also added an amazon list for those that did not want to use PayPal or did not have ability to use it.  You can also PM me for a postal address if you happen to have the Wacom Pen (even if the nib is missing) etc.

I'm exhausted from working on that, despite breaks, so sorry sort post, and all thank yous are over there.  Gotta try to sleep now.


Apr. 10th, 2013 02:00 am
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I'd like to find who ever refurbished this originally and put stripped screws inside it (and in the outer case which we had to use a @#$%^& drill to get out) and... uhm, i dunno... make their life unpleasant somehow... Possibly involving stripped screws.

I'd also like to know who invented those damn star-shaped screws. I shouldn't have to go buy a special screw to finish taking this thing apart >:(



Also, Our local Dunkin Donuts is so wasteful.


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