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ONE DAY we will post fic again. 
But not today. 
Today, like most days, we continued to work on beating The Mirror of Maybe's update record while focusing  on not going bat-shit insane because we are surrounded by bat-shit insanity.  Like this....

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Any guidance on how to make sure karma gets around to the substitute at-home doctor, the ER doctor and ER Nurse, and/or how to cope/get Bug's MS and Pain properly treated is most appreciated!

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Just what I need, another reason to hate Chik-Fil-A.... Check this link out, and donate if you can to help the Little guy being bullied by the mega-rich.

In otehr news... i hate my life. I hate having people constantly in the house (eg nurses, homecare helpers etc). I cannot concentrate on any kind of work, my sleep pattern- which is messed up to start with, is even more messed up now by havign to try to force myself to be awake when they are here (to let them in and keep the dog away from them), so when they aren't here. i HURT- I can't afford to buy half my meds- one the insurance wont cover, so its $160, the other they will cover for a copay of $40 but not until I pay the deductible- that med is $260. I keep making dyslexic mistakes- like writing checks for the wrong amounts for our utility and mortage bills, or even forgetting which I sent and didn't. I'm about $200 off/behind in bills due to sending in the wrong amount or sendign things late and incuring fees...

to top this off, The dr put Bug on Lunesta - which we told him that it didn't work so he just increaed the dosage- and sure enough, Bug managed to buy $200 worth of virtual, non-returnable stuff on second life. Part of the money bug used (my paypal balance and then the credit card attatched to Paypal to verify my identity) was sent to me by other peopel who wanted to go in on an order for turkeys together... now, i cant place the order, and I have no way to pay them back. I hate my mum telling us to contact her if we have a problem before it gets out of control but then blows us off when we do... (this all started in January- I didn't know I screwed up in Jan until i got in bills for Feb. I told her the mistake I made (paid one bill twice, and forgot another one- and then thought the remaining money/difference left int eh account was extra that was free to spend) and that I thought I fixed it - when instead, i made MORE dyslecic mistakes- which I only know about now, in March when this months bills came in.

This month also sucks because normally i make an extra $200+/month in cash from selling pet rats. Litters just were timed (not by me, but by the rats paired up) so that none are available to place until early April. I can't even put anymore rat or bird toys online to sell to make some money, because my camera's batteries died and I have no way to buy more :-(
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The fan on my video board is making horrible noises. *crossing fingers* that it doesn't die on me before the end of the month (or even year, but I doubt that).

Poor bug has been in a lot more pain than usual for the past couple days (iow, fentynal patches are not effective); spent the whole day in ER, got tests done and found out..... nothing :-( got a referral to follow up on. I fucking hope they figure it out asap, and/or up their pain meds; i hate seeing bug so miserable; and more so I hate the people responsible for bug's physical conditions are free. And being anti-death-penalty, it almost makes me want to believe in a religion that would have them sent to hell to be tortured for eternity... but no, I just can't wrap my head around it.

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Can anyone recommend a good quality, basic, free/shareware software for blocking access to sites? I want to be able to block specific sites at night time when bug and I might "sleep surf" after taking sleeping pills.

I checked our router, and it doesn't have a parental controls option; surprising, i thought it was standard, but apparently not.


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