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I expect most of you to ignore this, I jsut had a bad night and needed to vent (and record the facts so Bug can call tomorrow)

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Was at Jewel (grocery) the other day. The total shopping bill came to over $300, so I didn't notice immediately that there was an error... the cashier ( a woman, this is relevant...) actually noticed it, and apologised that she forgot to enter my sticker-collection booklet to make the frying pans I got free instead of beign charged I don't know $50 or whatever they were otherwise. So I had to take the receipt to the customer service desk to get that refunded. The whole time I was in an OK mood. Accidents happen and I was glad she caught it for me instead of finding out later.

At the service desk, the manager was there and asked what I need. I explained the situation, keep in mind, I'm still in a good mood, I'm not an angry customer. The manager, hearing the problem responds Thus:

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I don't think that was a very good response, but i was still shocked and since the next person in line was ready to push their way forward- I fell back on variation of an often used line when casheirs etc make some error and and you can tell they're expecting to be screamed at for it. Normally, my first instinct would have been to go find the manager and report that. But, obviously, in that store, it would no good, he'd probably congratulate the offender. And in this case it was the manager, so who do you ask to talk to as the next higher-up then?

So one, I need to figure out if / how the manager can be reported to anyone and

two, I need to get some easily modifiable lines to have at the ready if something like that happens again.

Suggestions for replies???


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