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so is copying my material, even though some of it is original and ignoring robots.txt (their faqs claim they dont have to).  pissed off doesnt even begin to describe their blatent disregard for authors, artists, copyright, personal safety, etc.

any one dealt with them before and getting stuff removed?

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Ipad / apple people.... my uncle brought an IPad for my grandmother to watch mass when she is recovering from surgery.  But can't get the video to work.  Can anyone tell me why?  Page is here:  Click on the little film-strip image with the word "Transmisje" under it.   It should ask for a user login and password, use 5835 for both.

On my PC desktop, when I did it, I was prompted to install a plugin from Brickcom, and afterwards, the image/video came thru fine.  But when I was helping my uncle with the ipad, we got no such prompt... only a blank screen.  My *guess* is that he has plugins turned off or something, but I'm not sure where/how to check that, or if that is even the actual problem.

(I also tried to do a search for Brickcom Plugins but can't find a page to just manually install it from).


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Can anyone recommend a good quality, basic, free/shareware software for blocking access to sites? I want to be able to block specific sites at night time when bug and I might "sleep surf" after taking sleeping pills.

I checked our router, and it doesn't have a parental controls option; surprising, i thought it was standard, but apparently not.


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