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Sometimes, disliking a female character has nothing to do with being misogynist.  Sometimes, one just doesn't find them likable regardless of their gender.  Other times, one dislikes them because the author's own misogyny shows through the character.

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I think for the most part i have learned to be pretty good with anger- vent a bit about it if needed, then let it go or use the energy to do something constructive (if the energy can maintained at least, which lately it tends to go into day to day survival basics). And I never did understand some things that people seem to get angry about easily... like road rage. So someone cut me off, big deal. It doesn't cause me to get where I need to any later; I didn't get into an accident; the fate of the world didn't just change for the worse. And besides- there's a good song on the radio! Turn it up and sing along.

So why does JKR still piss me off so much? I see a billboard for the current film, and am furious for the rest of the car drive. I read a transcript from an Azkatraz presentation and as soon as the writer says that "By writing XYZ, JKR is telling us ABC" I get pissed off (had it been phrased "XYZ in the books may remind the reader of ABC" I'd not have been angry- the first feeds into the JKR is a genius and we must be told by her what to think, while the second allows for JKR to be mediocre and the fans to be the geniuses). 

Shouldn't I be over the "Welfare mother pulled herself up by her bootstraps to become richer than the queen" by now? Shouldn't I no longer feel a reaction to "JKR is a literary genius" by now? When I see a several screen long interview/discussion on my flist about "dumbledore's army", shouldn't I no longer respond with an angry "don't they realise fighting for a world like HP's is fighting for one where slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia/heterocentrism, bulling, etc etc are promoted?"

Why does this in particular get me furious, with very little if anything I can do about it, while things like being angry at the transphobia & homophobia I encountered when I went to the ER, which I could at least write a letter of complaint about, fizzle out into a lack of energy, followed by a rationalisation that "nothing would get done anyway."


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