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The fan on my video board is making horrible noises. *crossing fingers* that it doesn't die on me before the end of the month (or even year, but I doubt that).

Poor bug has been in a lot more pain than usual for the past couple days (iow, fentynal patches are not effective); spent the whole day in ER, got tests done and found out..... nothing :-( got a referral to follow up on. I fucking hope they figure it out asap, and/or up their pain meds; i hate seeing bug so miserable; and more so I hate the people responsible for bug's physical conditions are free. And being anti-death-penalty, it almost makes me want to believe in a religion that would have them sent to hell to be tortured for eternity... but no, I just can't wrap my head around it.

Have a doctor bill in front of me demanding Read more... )
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When we are seen as a straight couple at dr offices or hosptials... and we're asked about pregnancy/sexual health, we say that there's no chance of it and we're not interested in it. They may ask a question or two to verify the effectiveness of our choice of protection, but then they move on.

When seen as a queer couple, they insinuate things and badger us. "Oh well, you never know... there's always exceptions... stranger things happen..."; they often badger us when we are seperated (eg if one goes to the washroom), to get us to admit to sleeping around.

so we are negatively stereotyped and made to be liars... it's a line of questioning that distracts them from the actual medical concern we are in for. And if they assume we are liars for not fitting the stereotype, how will that affect their interpretation of other thigns we report (eg: if I say I'm in pain, will they more likely assume I'm lying to get drugs)

But this is also bad for straight couples. If one partner is cheating, and won't admit it to their partner or their doctor, then wrong information does end up being reported and the dr may not question it. One partner's unquestioned lies can result in the other partner getting proper care for pregnancy or STDs being significantly delayed.

FWIW: I'm comparing multiple experiences with different doctors, in the greater chicago land area, before and after my transition.

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