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I am going to try really hard to post here more, even though I do not have any fic updates yet (i don't know why its so hard to post, or why i don't want to really think about why.)

For my first post, I have two, unrelated things to post on...

1. Any one have any recs for gardening communities where I could post photos of Squash and get feedback on what varieties they most likely are? 

2. I have noticed (since Bugland asked me to co-write a relatively short one-shot (HP travelling back in time to meet a Snape just a few years older than he is) that I have a strong preference for Teacher Snape / Student Harry.  If I MUST write outside of this (eg a gift request that has teacher/student or underage listed as a squick), that I prefer future fics rather than fics that attempt to make them closer ina ge (eg: (de)-aging potions, time travel, etc)

This is not because I prefer older/younger pairings or underage characters, pairings that are considered controversial or illegal in the fic' setting, or a preference for one character to be one in a position of authority.  I like plenty of pairings that do not fit the moulds that Teacher Snape / Student Harry fit into.   Why should this be?  Two possibilities that came to mind are:

A. Canonically, the characters have a teacher/student relationship (the non-sexual type of relationship I mean here).  I thought about, and found in support of this, that I would not care for Remus/Sirius fic where they were significantly different ages.


B. I think they are more psychologically/emotionally/developmentally matched at that point-  but they are also both rather stagnated in their development ; only  until they are in a relationship, do they begin to mature together, as they try to make it work.    I also dislike  fic where HP is paired with Ron or Hermione or Ginny (the first two are just keepign things the same, the second is just doing what others expect of him, which is all he has ever really done), or fics pairing Snape with Lily, and I do not care for SS/HP fics set FAR in the future where they have worked out their differences for the most part (also since the few i've read often are placed at the ends of their live(s) together- but that is another topic),

I suspect there maybe even other reasons, I've yet to put a finger on, as this is a new revelation for me. 


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A couple days ago I made a small request for people to click this link: , and ask others to do the same, so as to help with my prescription costs.

I know some of you are sceptical if the ad revenue thing can work.... well, when enough people make the effort, yes it can (fandom, you are awesome at this!). It is admittedly a very small dent in the cost of my meds ($1,200/mo), but its a dent that makes a difference- between this, some help from individual friends, some online sales (hoping for some more, see store advertised on the link), some leads for me to check out that the networking has generated.... etc it all ads up.... here's some screen shots from project wonderful and google that i am using for the ads.... I'm sharing so that you know that yes, just clicking is making gradually a difference!  PLEASE, continue to click and pas around the link!!!!

Close to $30 since starting the request for links just a few days ago....

And on a completely unrelated note.... besides the usual garden veggies that I plant for our food (corn, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, etc) in our garden, there are also some "mystery" hybrid squashes. I find this, the genetics, interesting.... and even if we don't like/eat them, the animals will. Here is one that at first glance I took for a watermelon. It turned out to be a bit like a spaghetti squash inside, with a moderate amount of seeds. the flesh was pretty tender and probably would have been great stuffed and baked but I haven't had the energy to do that (plus, crummy AC in this place, don't want to bake right now). So the Chickens got first dibs on the stringy inside and seeds, and the rest went to the guinea pigs and rats....

MY! The pullets are getting big! They are all +/- the size of Pasquale the bantam rooster.... and they aren't done growing. They should start laying around November.  Looking forward to lots of Quiche!

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Sep. 13th, 2009 04:22 am
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Usually, when tomatoes crack, they do it vertically from stem to bottom of the fruit. This one though did it around, and I thought it looked kinda neat:

And does anyone know what kind of bug this is? Identified! It's an Immature stink bug. Thank you telosphilos

They are just finishing working on a whole row of hideous fake-castle houses around here. The 3 bedroom ranch we rent (minus the attached garage) could fit on this place's front porch! Who the hell needs something like this? Maybe a family with 10 kids- but they'd probably be the least likely to afford it. I'd also hate to see their heating bill.

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This is what I picked just today...
And unfortunatly, I just had wizdom teeth on both sides extracted so I can't gobble it up (or maybe thats fortunate since it actually made it tot he fridge this time instead of going straight to my mouth. I can plan to actually make something....)

And here are Sylvia and Lydia...

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Firstly, I did cook up the puffballs; I was disappointed in their texture though. Next time I may try them in a soup instead of what I did here (sauteed and topped with just a little marinara, italian cheese blend and fresh rosemary):

Here are some early photos of part of our garden, where the mixed salad greens were started from seed; that's a close up of Bibb lettuce, one of my favourites, along with the arugula:

It's all rather overgrown now. The mustard has flowered, and I'm waiting for the seeds to dry. The radishes are just dropping their petals and making seed pods, the watercress are arugula has seeded and I'm letting those dry, and half of the bibb lettuce has bolted. There are new plants though coming up, and I'll plant more later too. Here are some of the flowers and seeds (and a hover fly; a perfectly welcome garden insect):

And this was the kolrabi when still youngsters, followed by a photo of one before it became a salad:

Adolescent tomato plants:

And yes thats a pineapple on the end, beside the potato and tomato. I've actually a couple of them, and although a few leaves died from shock when first planted, they've recovered nicely and are putting out roots:

Baby corn, pumpkin, peas and sunflower; and a butternut squash vine next to a courgette (the squash and pumpkin have gone wild since this photo, the butternut must be a good 4 ft long). The snap peas are OMG so GOOD, i just eat them right off the vine. I may not get around to making a stir fry with them at this rate! The courgettes (there are two vines) have been flowering like mad; there's new courgettes everyday....

Let's see, what else... Nicotiana, Maple tree sprout, baby orange cauliflower, purslane, potato (yukon gold)

Strawberry (white) and Mock Strawberry (yellow) and ground cherry (yellow/green):

Baby Peppermint, Baby Poppy

Piggy wants to get at the veggies:

Wild Bunny DID get at the veggies and mowed down half the snap pea plants. Chicken wire around the entire garden was then put up, instead of just stakes/markers for the idiot lawn mower people. But, I did learn something! Pea plant Leaves (not stems) are delicious and great for salads!

Under the cut (since i know some of you get creeped out by this) are a few more photos of insects... a closeup of a fly, close up of a rather IMHO pretty green spider, and not particularly welcomed striped cucumber beetles, but hey, they were having sex so why not take a photo? Oh, if any of you can identify the spider for me, I'd appreciate it!

SPIDER photos under here... )

oooo yum

May. 17th, 2009 03:46 am
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We have a fairie ring (ok, its more like a fairie wavy line) with puffball mushrooms! I brought one in to cut it and check that it was a puffball (and not an immature amanita) and one of the rats who was out playing dove onto it like she hadn't seen food in days. I'd take a photo of the ring / wavy line, but the grass is too tall and thick to get a good photo.

I suppose I better go harvest them before the lawn people return and ignorantly smash them. I feel kinda sorry for the typical suburbanite/city-dweller whose understanding of where food comes from ends right around the store shelves. If civilisation as we know it suddenly collapsed, I won't be going hungry though.

Speaking of which, all the new seedlings/little-plants are doing good to excellent, except for the cucumbers which just seem to have froze in their development. We got one of those orange cauliflowers out of curiosity and its very happy. The replanted seeds I couldn't replace (corn etc) is finally coming up too.
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The owner of the lawn service got back to us. It was a short convo, but he apologised several times and asked us to send him the details in writing. I think that means he will pay back at least some of it, but I'm not 'counting the chickens before they are hatched'. He did say this shouldn't happen again as... Read more... )
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Yesterday I bought and planted 9 pepper plants.  I don't know why, I always have had a hard time starting peppers from seedlings.  These 9 pepper plants joined my 3 rows of snap peas, the tomatoes I started from clippings, three rows of corn / mini pumpkins / pinto beans, zuchini, and sugar baby watermelon that were all ready plants.
Mmm I'm hungry just thinking of it all.

These were planted in a corner of the yard sectioned off with chicken wire.  There's a little stone walkway between the house and this garden plot for access which doesn't have chicken wire, and there's on one side a cement patio which also doesn't have wire but has a 'wall' of potted plants.  The grass in the plot was was first  'mowed down' by our guinea pigs before I planted the little veggie plants.  (I allow some grass to grow between the plants, so that I can cut that for the pigs to eat when the lawn people come and mow away all the grass they normally graze on.  The plants though were already taller than the grass which had been nibbled down to the roots.

So today, sore all over my body from doing errands and then working in the garden, I am rudely awakened by the sound of a lawnmower outside.  I look out the window and see that the guy who does the detail work were the riding mower can't get  WALKED INTO THE GARDEN AND HE MOWED DOWN ALL MY VEGGIE PLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!  I have had a garden in the SAME SPOT for the past three years, and they never did this. 

Read more... )


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