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A neural Network   impersonated, among others, [personal profile] perverse_idyll  as a ron/hermione shipper:  ...

It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, followed by  Sirius/Remus and also seems to like  stories about Professor Snape trying to do rather ordinary things:

  • Severus Snape comes back to a night’s politics.
  • Severus has been through his lost remote.
  • Snape had a second thing, and that is better than anything for for the rest of his life.
(Just what is this '2nd thing'...?  I would like to know!)

Sometimes it even tried to use warnings, such as:

Better With The Broom Complicate by Margyn_Black
Tonks gets more than the best girl of creation. (Rated Maturisle, mark, a violence, contract) (slash] part of themes) ferret.


Well I don't feel like our 'careers' in as fanfic writers is in jeapordy anytie soon!!! :-D

chan wtf

Jul. 3rd, 2017 04:44 am
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'chan' is not 'chan' if the younger character is 18 or even 19 (or even 17 and 11 months... ) .  Why even bother labelling it? imho, you're just breaking the search function.  its like labelling a fic as 'beastiality' because the main character's best friend's dog had puppies (with another dog, and entirely off screen). 

personally, i don't care for anything 16 or over given the label, but i understand some country's stupid laws and some ppl's triggers, so  as long as the age is stated (eg:chan(16)) i think that's an agreeable useage.  But calling something extreme/explicit chan with no age given when the character is of legal age....?   i dont get it


Oct. 31st, 2016 12:31 am
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Bugland and I have been making quite a bit of progress with writing!
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I see that while Bug and I were away from fandom, there was a lot of meta on slash/gays/cultural-appropriation. It's interesting to me because in the past when the topic came up, I argued that slash more often than not, appropriates queer experience. Now, I've changed my mind pretty much completely. That's not to say that I think appropriation never occurs in slash. If the author journals about how slash is hot because homosexuality is a sin, or if their response to "gays wouldn't say/do xyz" is essentially "I have more gay friends than you, and they say I'm right, so Nnnnnyyaaaa!", then I think it is right to call them on it. Most of the time though, I think slash is like Schrodinger's cat... it has both everything and nothing to do with the queer experience; like an individual's gender and sexual identity, it is impossible to know until the author explicitly tells us, and even then, it might change.

A common proof of appropriation that I have seen is that slash fic is often unrealistic ("gay sex doesn't work that way!", "real gays wouldn't say/do that!", etc.). This is an unfair judgment. Not only because it ignores the motives behind the writing style, but because it assumes the hetero default, and may be forcing the wrong gender and sexual identity onto the author. Queer experience can vary greatly, and even when it doesn't, authors can have equally valid reasons to want to explore, or avoid, a particular experience. For example, hospitals and St Mungos are not uncommonly visited in Snarry fics, but whether it is Snape or Harry who is the patient, the other rarely has any trouble visiting or making health care decisions. This could reveal a straight fan's lack of awareness or lack of concern about the discrimination queers face in hospitals. But it just as easily could be something a queer person would write....

For the past couple of years, Bugland and I have been in and out of hospitals. Because of my transsexuality, we have navigated the same hospital settings being perceived as a queer couple, and at others times as a straight couple. Despite anti-discrimination laws and being in a "blue state", we are still treated very differently depending on how we are seen. A close friend we met through fandom, and who is also queer, seemed surprised by our experiences. He has yet to be in the situation of being in a committed relationship, perceived as gay, and needing emergency care. If he wrote slash fic that involved a hospital visit, his lack of experience would likely be reflected in his writing, but that lack of experience in no way invalidates his queer identity. Likewise, Bugland and I may write Snape and Harry being treated no differently than a couple perceived as heterosexual, because we need an escape from the reality we frequently deal with.

When it comes to slash, I have come to prefer the assumption that the creator is making a valid expression of their own sexual identity, rather than appropriating gay culture, unless they explicitly reveal otherwise. A queer fan might slash because queer characters are sadly lacking in mainstream media and they want to see more characters like themselves; a straight female fan might slash because she wants to celebrate her own sexuality in a way that the mainstream media's "male gaze" denies her. While their reasons may seem different, I believe that both groups are essentially doing the same thing: responding to how their marginalisation is revealed in mainstream media, and accusations of appropriation based on generalisations about slash and its writers misses this point.

And now, to brave the vast snow drifts to buy poor bug more broth and jello and then hopefully to write a bit.
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Harry Potter and the Bigoted Charity
G-rated, Gen.  Short one shot.

A sort of cross over involving real people ( Alfonso Cuarón who directed one of the HP movies, Suzanne Wright of the erroneously named "Autism Speaks" and Hermione and Ron )

Background info is over here, along with the text of the video voice over for those that can't watch the video.

(I'm not all wow about the fic itself, but I heart that there *IS* fic)


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