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i miss being active in (mostly) fannish discussions nearly everyday a deacde + ago on LJ.  I know, I can write more posts - but who is reading?  I could reply to posts, but... I just looked at my 'reading list'/'friends page' and one page represents a whole week :-(  that's pretty sparse.  I need more DW 'friends'.


IDK, rec me people / groups, or rec me to ppl you know?  Is this like a pathetic attempt at a personals ad?  I like slash, especially Snarry, and meta discussions about HP or fandom in general.  But I really dislike JKR and the 'canon'.  I guess that might make some fannish relationships difficult, since in the past, people would be all ''book 7 came out!  Squeeee!'' and I would be ''JKR has again, outdid herself on being a priveledged, cultural-appropiating, hypocrite and enabler of X-phobia/X-bashing, oh and she's a hack who lacks any real writing talent.''  I'd rather talk Fanon than canon as the first is more interesting, the second more triggery/angering.

Uhm, ok, other than the very little specific fandom circle I follow and the few fen in it that I don't offend with my dislike of the creator of a series that had so much potential.... I am Autistic (very very anti Autism $peaks), queer, married (with whom I do much co-writing with), ocassionally complains about chronic pain and lack of spoons, havent had a TV for almost 2 decades and cant afford online subscriptions so I cant really connect with fandoms based on tv shows.  rarely bother with movies too (ironic since film was part of my first create-your-own major) due to lack of $$$ and the sensory issues that overwhlm me in theatres.  I used to love comics, but again, haven't bought any for decades due to money.  I read a lot on medieval history / literature / etc, as well as ancient history, and WWI 7 WWII, world religions/mythologies (although I am an athiest), and biology/genetics and other sciences in general.  I like painting / crafting / sculpting.  We have a mini farm with chickens, miniature sheep, giant but gentle dogs, fancy rats, gerbils, african grey parrot, and rabbits

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Bug and I continue to write... slowly, but making progress.  10 years since our last update :-(  is that a shameful new fandom record?  i miss the days we posted a couple chapters a week.  I technically have enough to make an actual update but I want do 2 things first... make the site more reader friendly, and have enough for a few updates that can be doled out in case we get stalled due to medical issues, depression, whatever, we dont get further writer's block from anxiety about not updating so soon after trying to get back into the habit

I feel so lost in fandom.  i heard  about the LJ russian server move.... which makes me really... sad?  nostologic?    i backed up my posts to dreamwidth... i intend to keep my lj account in case of lj based discussion, or lj being sold again to some non-russian company, but i dont know how mych they will police nonrussian users... slash, especially chan slash will no doubt run afoul of their homophobic laws.  :-(

but other than the lj russian server issue... what have i missed out on?  who is still followimg my posts (and for snarry or   other reasons)?  who is still in Snarry.  Are the snarry haunts still the same ones as of years ago, or are there new ones i should know about / join?  what about meta in general?  anyplace besides here (and tumbler, which, just, no) where fandom, especially HP slash is happening?
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AN: this was first posted to LiveJournal in November of 2006. Post lus comment threads were imported to DW from there.

While I support promoting fandom as a feminist space (which, imho, in its purest form, is inclusive of and benefits people of all genders), I strongly disagree with fandom being a women ONLY space. That perpetuates the same heteronormtive binaries and negative stereotypes which fuel cultural sexual and gendered discrimination, internalised *-phobias and a host of other unnecissary harm tht we should instead be standing up against together. response

Someone asked a while bck if I thought that the female space of fandom was enforced, rather than female space that was welcoming to anyone who wanted to dabble in something alot of people recognised as a feminine interest.

Yeah, well there's a current example, emphasis is mine:

"I'm all about the women! It's why I'm here--when I write slash, hello, I'm a woman; when I read your slash escapism, hello, you're a women! Slash is all women!"

"I've gotten interested in podcasting, and I HATE the idea of a male voice on the podcast! Slash to me comes from a woman's voice, even if it's about male bodies..."

Every so often someone says something about how there are NO men in fandom at all- and then on the sidebar of their LJ, they have links to favourite fics and there's at least one if not a few on it that are written by guys, or people who don't identify within the binary. I don't "hear" what I read in a voice (I see images only), but I know many people read that way- and as long as they don't know the author's gender, they can read the fic in a voice that supports their belief/desire that their fandom is 100% women. A podcast or video though would prevent a reader forcing gender on a writer to support their desire/belief about fandom being 100% women.

It makes me want to see all the guys on my flist make recordings of drabbles or short fics, and host them together. Not people's husbands or friends, but to have the actual writers read their work (or readers reading something by a favourite author).

The unfortuante thing is, alot of people would get all angry about assumed "male privledge" and their space being invaded. I've tried and just can't get my head around that POV. If the ideal is for equality between the sexes, it makes more sense to me to celebrate when there's overlap in either direction, and encourage that overlap to grow into other areas of life, rather than to draw lines to define whose allowed in which space and in which direction overlap is 'allowed' to go.


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