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Instead of visiting the Dunkin Donuts for the usual 3 garbage bags full of perfectly fresh bagels...

I went to answer a FreeCycle post for
  • a mini-fridge....

Along the way I found:
  • nice solid wood shelves that I converted into a chicken nesting center
  • a nice and sturdy white painted wooden shelf that matches  the guest room
  • a mini roll-top desk that Bug can use even when in their wheel chair and it matches the living the living room
  • a plant stand to match the same room
  • an old photo album of wedding photos,
  • cute little wooden box I have a craft/art idea for
  • a wooden TOY CHEST,
  • a really cool looking toy circus train with tracks!!!
  • A DVD of Finding Nemo
  • a sturdy wooden dvd-holder that is supposed to be on a lazy-susan, but i unscrewed that and now its a toy tower for the rat play table!!!!
  • A red glass candlestick holder that can double as a bud vase (or maybe a bud vase that doubles as a candlestick holder....)
  • A little wall hanging wire heart thing to hold a votive candle in!
OMG, Did I miss anything? :-D  If only it wasn't raining, I could have scavenged tons of books too :-(  There were some BEAUTIFULLY carved chairs but I had no room car for them- sometimes I wish I had a truck, but then I think of the cost of gas....


Apr. 10th, 2013 02:00 am
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I'd like to find who ever refurbished this originally and put stripped screws inside it (and in the outer case which we had to use a @#$%^& drill to get out) and... uhm, i dunno... make their life unpleasant somehow... Possibly involving stripped screws.

I'd also like to know who invented those damn star-shaped screws. I shouldn't have to go buy a special screw to finish taking this thing apart >:(



Also, Our local Dunkin Donuts is so wasteful.


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