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I've had this multimedia piece hanging around for a couple years now so i figured I'd finish it finally for Autism Awareness Month. I'm not that happy with how it turned out, but it's one less thing sitting here unfinished at least.
Title: Notes on Style
Artist Notes: This is mixed media on canvas board, involving paint, torn book pages, paper cut outs, and zip-tone press type; with some additional editing done on the computer. The text is from a page torn out of the book "Autism: Explaining the Enigma" by Uta Frith.
Click to enlarge.

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The problem with so many many many autism communities (like this one) is that it is akin to having a GLBT community run by straight people who refuse to recognise their own priveledge.

And of course, ditto for so many "charities" out there, but those organisations are less obvious than online forums which are a group-environment where interaction is invited... except when it's not.
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The article, I am not a Puzzle by Elizabeth Svoboda has been posted to a few of the communities I am in. Initially, the summaries look fine, but on reading the article, I found that despite claiming to be about Autistic culture, it was simply another article unashamedly gazing at the condition.
Like the deaf culture movement before it, the so-called autistic culture movement continues to gain traction, boasting thousands of adherents among parents, patients and healthcare professionals.
Most revealing here are the words "so-called" which signal that this article isn't about awareness and respect for Autistics. By using these words, the Svodoba immediately sets up autistic culture as doubtful or suspect. Read more... )


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