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A neural Network   impersonated, among others, [personal profile] perverse_idyll  as a ron/hermione shipper:  ...

It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, followed by  Sirius/Remus and also seems to like  stories about Professor Snape trying to do rather ordinary things:

  • Severus Snape comes back to a night’s politics.
  • Severus has been through his lost remote.
  • Snape had a second thing, and that is better than anything for for the rest of his life.
(Just what is this '2nd thing'...?  I would like to know!)

Sometimes it even tried to use warnings, such as:

Better With The Broom Complicate by Margyn_Black
Tonks gets more than the best girl of creation. (Rated Maturisle, mark, a violence, contract) (slash] part of themes) ferret.


Well I don't feel like our 'careers' in as fanfic writers is in jeapordy anytie soon!!! :-D

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i don't post about but a fraction of the offline crap we deal with, even back when i posted much much more often on LJ. Like last month, when our amazing service dog woke me up (a very difficult task) because Bugland was not breathing. like not at all, blue and cold lips. I think bug is right that i havent finished processing that one, and no doubt some other crisis will appear before i do.

Anyway, this crisis led to a problem i have to seek help on which I feel absolutely guilty for... trying to raise money or find someone who has the computer parts that would donate them, to fix my laptop and tablet, because when the emergancy workers showed up, they dumped this heavy box thing (i keep thinking it was a defibulator, but i dont know, maybr just supplies) on the table, right on top of my laptop, cracking the touch screen, and damaging the wacom tablets pen.

i've tried to get my online store and ebay back up and running, but between just being sickér than i was when i used to do that, and the damage to my laptop which prevents me from using it but in short bursts, Its going so ridiculously slow that i doubt i will have it up and running before the crack gets worse and the computer becomes unusable.

i wrote about this, in great length, on our non-fannish blog for our farm... its long because i always have a hard time writing about being unable to support ourselves, and bad shit happening, etc. basically, the accidental damage warrantee will not refund me enough to afford a laptop that meets my needs.  I can however buy the damaged parts online, such as ebay, and repair it myself... or if i can raise enough, spare my arthritic hands and  have a local repair shop do it.    The screen on ebay looks around $150 to 300.  Dunno what a repair shop would charge tfor the work.  Wacom tablet is fine (because the mouse works) but the pen is damaged, but that shouldnt be too much more.

I sent a link request to Copperbadge's Radio Free Monday and told him to go ahead and consolodate/rephease it. (i don't remember how to make user names into links, so  if anyone reading doesnt already follow his journal, i recommend it.  if you cant help us, maybe there's someone else you can, and i may feel slightly less guilty then about asking for help if it helps someone else).  Anyway, I think it is much clearer as he put it...

"[personal profile] alchemia is raising funds to replace equipment damaged when his spouse had a medical emergency and EMS workers dumped a heavy box of supplies on top of his laptop on the table. The laptop is not just a computer but also an assistive device for Alchemia, as well as a major social outlet; in addition, his Wacom tablet was damaged. You can read more and support the fundraiser in a number of ways here, including donating money but also sending used or purchased parts"

feel free to share the link, maybe i can make an extra 5 or 10 dollars on ad revenue... every bit helps!

For those in the Chicago area (esp far west suburbs) I also have backyard chickens hatched April 4 thru 14 for sale, and toys, both commercial and handmade, for pet rats hamsters gerbils, bords/parrots, cars, dogs etc...   oh, also got some gently used cages suitable for ferrets, rats, sugargliders and similar small pets.   if you want to buy and pick up these kind of things, thatd be much better than having postal costs and paypal and ebay fees that cut into profits. Message or email me for info on those things.

sorry for any typos... using the mini tablet and the tiny screen's tiny online keyboard is really hard to use without making typos.

For those that want to donate but not cluck thru all the links and rambling on in my blog, here's my paypal link:


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Bug's laptop is about to die.  Ive no idea how we're going to get a new one; but if we can manage to, we need something to accommodate her medical problems (MS & epilepsy).  The problem with her last one is that the case is *aluminum*.  Every time she'd have a seizure, or her arm would spasm when closing it/putting it away, it gets banged up.  Badly.  Its popping apart at almost all of the "seams", the screen is coming off from broken hinges, etc..   It's not about being careless, she can't control if/when she's going to have a seizure.   Insurance/warranties won't cover it (even if we paid extra for such a thing at Microcenter, its alot of extra money, for only 2 years of coverage and then, the computer will end up damaged again in a few months leaving us in this same situation).

The only thing i can think of, is that the laptop needs to be in a *steel* case.  But everything on the market seems to be Aluminum.

I've tried to search for steel cased latops (or just the case by itself, I would not mind building it and getting warrenties on the indivual parts as I did with my desk top- the service center at microcenter seems to give one much less hassle about replacements if they know you know what you are doing, instead of just an average joe they can talk into believing that it was their fault and thus not coverable)  But when I search for this, all I get is steel external cases (like a briefcase thing).  I think that might also work- but only if there was a way to A) keep the computer SECURLY inside even if it was knocked over while open and B) was well vented (Bug likes gaming and the computer gets VERY hot).  I'm more inclined to go with a an actual steel cased laptop though, if there is one on the market that is also suitable for gaming, or as a component to build it from scratch (I can't seem to find much online for building laptops... i know its harder than a desk top, but there's got to be some people that do it?)

Can anyone help/advise?

suggestions on how to magically come up with $800 would also be great, lol.

Bug is going to be SO depressed without a laptop - they're in bed almost all day every day :-(


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We bought Bug a laptop at Microcenter a little over a year ago. Since Bug's limbs don't always do what they want (possibly MS?) we asked for the 2-yr (accidental) physical damage protection warranty.

Well, bug has had 2 things go wrong with the computer... first, there have been vertical lines on the screen. The lines come and go, sometimes get wider or thinner, and this is influenced by shaking the computer. Without opening it up, I'd say its most likely a loose or faulty cable.

The other problem is that one of the internal fans stopped working. This is a common thing to go wrong on desk tops and laptops, especially those used for long periods of time. The motors just die.

I'm not randomly guessing on the above; I build computers, i have some clue. When I build computers I just buy a warranty for the more expensive individual parts; I bring in the parts if they die and get a new one- I never had trouble with them before; but maybe they know they can't lie to someone who knows how computers work....

See, we brought the computer in and were told a 2-3 week turn around, which seemed fine. Then we got a call saying that they couldn't fix it because we don't have the 2-yr physical damage protection warranty we thought we had, but a 3-yr parts only warranty (the two apparently cost the same price, so we didn't notice the cashier make the error at checkout). They further insist that this is physical damage- without opening it up even, based on the fact that a cosmetic plastic covering to one of the hinges is missing- and this somehow caused the problems we brought it in for. Bug pointed out we bought the 2 yr accidental damage protection plan, not the 3yr parts only plan - and since they cost the exact same thing, can't they just correct the error, and get on with fixing the computer? This has resulted in numerous "I have to ask my supervisor/manager/repair department/warranty department/etc" with a phone call back re-iterating "we can't fix it because you have the wrong plan" instead of answering the original question they said they were going to talk to them about (if they can just correct the error and give us the other plan)... So they'll call back, again.

This has been going on over a week now.

And the most infuriating thing to me, is that they are totally using this little broken cosmetic plastic piece as an excuse to not fill their obligation under the warranty.... See, it doesn't matter which warranty we have- A dead fan motor and a loose/faulty video cable are NOT due to physical damage (especially not a hinge cover)! This should be fixed under the terms of EITHER warranty!

My mum has offered to go there with me in person to talk to the manager (Bug already talked to him on the phone and got nowhere) in hopes that more people- complaining in front of other customers- and a person who has bought a lot there (my mum) threatening to shop elsewhere will help. I dunno if it will or not; guess it doesn't hurt to try.

Anyone have any other ideas?
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Can anyone recommend a good quality, basic, free/shareware software for blocking access to sites? I want to be able to block specific sites at night time when bug and I might "sleep surf" after taking sleeping pills.

I checked our router, and it doesn't have a parental controls option; surprising, i thought it was standard, but apparently not.


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