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Apr. 28th, 2013 03:34 am
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Thank you who ever sent me the Chicken Health Handbook! Awesome surprise and very useful.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 03:07 am
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So a few weeks ago, we moved.  And it took about a week to get internet connected, and then there was catching up with emails (still not done) and general getting settled (also, still not done) and trying to find new doctors etc.

Just before we moved, I was visiting a then-favourite forum on mine for the growing number of folks with small flocks of chickens.  Someone had made a post about an intersexed chicken, pulling the old "He... She... I mean, IT, LOL!" joke.  I commented to the thread that this wasn't an appropriate joke to make, and linked to some info about intersex / trans and pronouns.  Not wanting to start a fight, I also commented that I know many never heard of the issue, and the point of my commenting was just for education, not to attack/blame anyone.

Naturally, the first responses I got were along the lines of  "LOL, Funny Post!" and "Shut up with the PC crap", and "Oh Puh-Lease!  Chickens don't don't know what we are saying, and even if they did, they have no feelings anyway"..... which I glimpsed just before the moderator showed up to delete my post, with no explanation to me, not even in private. 

So I reposted, feigning that "I thought I posted this last night, but I must have forgot to click submit".

Same thing happened, this time with a private message telling me that my post was removed because it was "off topic"! So I replied (in Private)  to the moderator, AND to the owner of the message board, explaining why the initial "He- She - I mean, IT, LOL", comments were offensive, that I made my comments for education not to attack anyone, and that if they wouldn't allow me to repost the information, if they would instead remove the original post in the thread and ask the person to repost it with the offending language removed.  If they didn't understand why the  "It... LOL!" language was offensive, to either simply accept that it is, and/or check out the links provided; the language issue was offending in the same way it would be offensive if someone jokingly wrote about their N*****-black faggot chicken... Although who knows, maybe they do think its perfectly OK to use words like that to describe animal species; after all, they're just animals that don't care what we are saying.  And people causally call Japanese Bantam chickens "Japs" without question.  Maybe I'm just being over-sensitive, and making an issue where there really isn't one.

Anyway... the movers showed up and I had to disconnect from the internet and move to a new house and after fighting anxiety for some time after getting internet set up, ventured to log into the forum again, only to find that the original moderator, and the forum owner I wrote to, both ignored me, and some other moderator left me a PM basically telling me to stop trolling or I'd loose forum privileges/membership.

Now, they probably think they won and scared me off as the ordeal of moving postponed my ability to reply by a few weeks.  If I had NOT been delayed, what I would have liked to have done is to have reposted my original educational post to my own urban farming blog, with a description of how the chicken forum's moderators/owner handled the situation as an illustration of how ignorance and prejudice against minorities gets perpetuated in everyday interactions.  I'd also comment that I had planned to purchase a forum membership after I moved (to make better use of their auction boards since we'd be breeding more chicks) but they've lost my membership.  Ask others to support me- not by leaving the forum or anything extreme like that (or hard for people to do when they otherwise like something), but by simply copying and sending a simple email to the site's owner and the moderators expressing dismay at how the situation was handled, and linking to my blog post in their signatures for awareness.

But as this happened last month- so long ago in internet time, I feel like its pointless to comment on by now. that if I do, it would just look bad, and thus do no good, perhaps harm

On the other hand, if it isn't one thing, its another (most of the time, medical emergencies or health issues and lack of spoons) that delays me from responding to things.  If I say "too much time has passed" is a reason NOT to reply, then I will pretty much NEVER reply to anything I find important these days.

I also kinda feel like despite it being one of the biggest chicken related forums/resources around and thus, hard to avoid if one wants to interact online about the topic, I don't really want to go there at all anyway (even though I was all about the place before this happened).  But maybe my brain is just using this as an excuse/reason for not dealing with the situations.

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Ordered our chicks!!!! Can't wait for them to arrive (early Feb).

I ordered:
1m, 2f: Cuckoo Marans (dark brown eggs),
2f Dark Braham (dual purpose but bug requested them for eggs and as pets only),
straight run of 4 Bantam polish (an all white & 3 black w/white crests), 
3m/7f  Black Jersey Giant (ZOMG, 13lb chicken!),
strait run 5 Blue Laced Wyandotte,
a Speckled Sussex Roo for our speckled sussex Theresa,
1m,2f Silver Lakenvelders (so pretty),
2f Araucana (blue/green eggs),
1m/2f White Faced Black Spanish, and
1 strait run  black rosecomb bantam.

There's 10 of the Jersey giants so we can pick the best for breeding and eat the rest. 
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A couple days ago I made a small request for people to click this link: , and ask others to do the same, so as to help with my prescription costs.

I know some of you are sceptical if the ad revenue thing can work.... well, when enough people make the effort, yes it can (fandom, you are awesome at this!). It is admittedly a very small dent in the cost of my meds ($1,200/mo), but its a dent that makes a difference- between this, some help from individual friends, some online sales (hoping for some more, see store advertised on the link), some leads for me to check out that the networking has generated.... etc it all ads up.... here's some screen shots from project wonderful and google that i am using for the ads.... I'm sharing so that you know that yes, just clicking is making gradually a difference!  PLEASE, continue to click and pas around the link!!!!

Close to $30 since starting the request for links just a few days ago....

And on a completely unrelated note.... besides the usual garden veggies that I plant for our food (corn, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, etc) in our garden, there are also some "mystery" hybrid squashes. I find this, the genetics, interesting.... and even if we don't like/eat them, the animals will. Here is one that at first glance I took for a watermelon. It turned out to be a bit like a spaghetti squash inside, with a moderate amount of seeds. the flesh was pretty tender and probably would have been great stuffed and baked but I haven't had the energy to do that (plus, crummy AC in this place, don't want to bake right now). So the Chickens got first dibs on the stringy inside and seeds, and the rest went to the guinea pigs and rats....

MY! The pullets are getting big! They are all +/- the size of Pasquale the bantam rooster.... and they aren't done growing. They should start laying around November.  Looking forward to lots of Quiche!
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It was a SCAM!!!
Here is what I FWD's to Craig's List....

I posted this as LOOKING FOR bantam chickens.

Below is correspondence from someone offering "free" chickens, as long as I cover the $500 shipping cost! I suspect they "recycle" this email for other species- a $500 parrot could look like a bargain. A $500 chicken is just ridiculous. I suspect they ask about "Christian Background" to encourage other Christians to trust them rather than question them.

And just as interesting/(telling?) I received another such scam email on the chickens, this one claiming to be in Canada and willing to ship them to me for $80.  Couldn't tell if they were related or not, but the second one, while not asking my religious background did interject "God Bless You!" an awful lot into the letter (god bless you for caring for your chickens so well... god bless you for giving my chickens a home, send me $$$ and god bless you) . 


(FWIW, I was posting to CL to find some local so I wouldn't have to subject them to the stress of shipping.   4H-er's usually given their extras away for free or maybe $5.  But they wont start doing that for a few more months when they can evaluate their conformation to the standards, and I don't want our lone chicken Sylvia to wait that long for a friend.  I may have to ship them as it is turning out.  And to compare to the prixes the CL scammers are asking above... 5 bantams can be shipped to my door (or local post office) for around $40.  If I wanted to ship them by the dozens, then you're talking maybe a $15 S&H fee and then price per bantam being around $1 to $3 each depending on breed, if they're sexed or not, if you have them vaccinated before shipping etc.

emails for those interested )
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I posted one more "bantam wanted" ad before giving up & having a small flock shipped in by mail. A woman replied, told me a bit about her available chickens and then asked me some questions....

Are you a breeder...?
Do you have a vet that  you will take them to if needed...?
Are you Married? Do you have kid(s)(how many)...?
Are you from a Christian background...?



Sep. 12th, 2009 07:46 am
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I think Sylvia is a Sylvester.
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This is what I picked just today...
And unfortunatly, I just had wizdom teeth on both sides extracted so I can't gobble it up (or maybe thats fortunate since it actually made it tot he fridge this time instead of going straight to my mouth. I can plan to actually make something....)

And here are Sylvia and Lydia...


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