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Jul. 3rd, 2017 04:44 am
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'chan' is not 'chan' if the younger character is 18 or even 19 (or even 17 and 11 months... ) .  Why even bother labelling it? imho, you're just breaking the search function.  its like labelling a fic as 'beastiality' because the main character's best friend's dog had puppies (with another dog, and entirely off screen). 

personally, i don't care for anything 16 or over given the label, but i understand some country's stupid laws and some ppl's triggers, so  as long as the age is stated (eg:chan(16)) i think that's an agreeable useage.  But calling something extreme/explicit chan with no age given when the character is of legal age....?   i dont get it
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strange/interesting how things ferment at the back of one's mind until quite a while later, AHA so that's the answer/meaning/whatever.

This little doodle I did years ago...

Bug and I have been writing, and we are wrapping up a specific scene, and while I was searching for something else, I came across this entry via journal tags and thought, 'holy crap, we just wrote that'.  Not, you know, Snape and Harry naked on a bed, 'cause we and plenty of others have written that in many delicious ways.  But specifically, this exact pose, the mood, even Harry appearing 'aged down' (there's a wee spoiler for anyone interested, but I can't imagine that revealing anything of importance at the moment; afterall, he's a shapeshifter, and he's aged himself up in previous books, so why not the other way around?).  The only thing missing in the image is a the ****  lol, ;-)  

Even Bicrim's comment about it looking more parental than romantic is, just... at first I thought, wow, she picked up on that so early, but then realised i didn't say the image was ABP related so it musta just been the image speaking to her, and my unconscious thru the picture (no, don't worry (or hope, if the case may be), ABP does NOT turn into a Severitus fic.)  For those wondering, no HP is not wanking for Snape's entertainment (or potion ingredients, or anything else), but feel free to consider it independant of ABP, or some character's fantasy or something.

The current unfinished book, and the one right after it, might actually get smooshed into one (not positive yet), and this scene is in the one after the current one we left off on, unless they are combined, in which case, it will be in the current book.   I am really eager to get to it.  It had some really horrible stuff to write in it, but totally necissary if they're going to ever heal / move forward. 

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I can’t do a long fancy post on this right now, maybe later if its necessary but I don’t think it will. I was going over more posts on the Skyehawke issue and read these by Tien:

If the laws change for instance, and homosexual fiction becomes illegal in parts (or heck, all) of the US, then I have to change the warnings appearing on the site *because* I know (and thence am fully aware) that the majority of the readers are Americans and that the site is hosted on an American server even if the person who owns it is in Australia. (link)

This really upsets me, because Skyehawke‘s always given the impression of being there to support the writers and their work when other archives wouldn‘t. First of all, if that happened, it would go against american constitional rights (heck, banning any fiction does!) and imho people should fight that- refusing to ban the banned material is a great way to start. If an archivist or librarian can’t do that, well, I can’t force them, but they shouldn’t give an impression of supporting writers, readers and their freedoms.

Liberalism (as I defined it so probably it's wrong) isn't just the freedom to do anything, it's also the responsibility to listen to everybody. Not just the authors but also the readers (link)

Everyone. Even the fundies who attack us for consenting sex between two adult, homosexual characters. Or heterosexual characters outside of marriage. Or heck, anything Harry Potter because it promotes witchcraft and Satanism. Fortuantly those aren’t the majority, but what if that became the majority in the future? If you read my last post, basically what this appears to reiterate is that we’re only supported in as much as they feel the majority wants to support our freedoms, and if our society/culture has been raised to be prejudice against something, and if that prejudice is great enough, its not worth fighting for. Well, That isn’t equality. That isn’t protection or support of our freedoms.

ethically I feel that there is such a thing as rape fantasies and underage minor/adult sex stories that are paedophillic. (link)

This is the most upsetting. It boggles my mind that anyone involved in fandom, much less someone involved in archiving, could still not understand the difference between fantasy and reality. Fantasies and chan are not pornography, or peadophilia, or rape because no actual people are involved. If they were, then by extension, thriller stories about serial killers make all readers and the writer of the book murderous sociopath who could or do kill. Murder, rape, peadophilia is against the law. Fiction is NOT.

Unfortunatly, I sense an element of 1984 in the fandom (and not just here, but other recent problems in other private and community journals and websites)- where certain fictions seems to constitute a Thought Crime, we have to fear our fellow fen to turn us in, and we start to fear our fellow fen as self-appointed Thought-Police.

So we end up self censoring and restricting our own freedoms under pressure because other people are afraid of what an emotional response to a piece of fiction might mean about them. The fear of, if I have a homosexual fantasy or am exposed to them I fear I may become a homosexual; therefore we must ban all portrayal of homosexuality.

Really people! If the chan=peadophilia or slash=homosexual argument was true, well with all the straight characters and hetersexual emphasis in the media, you’d think I’d be a raving heterosexual. I’m not! Fiction doesn’t change the core of who I am. Reading chan, even being aroused by it, isn’t going to turn you into a peadophile.

I talked about this in my last post here: I can’t tell anyone how to run their sites, but it makes me sad to see this happen because even if it doesn’t affect me and my stories, in the big-picture I see is as just harming ourselves and our fandom.

Tien said they have an ethical problem with the fantasies and so forth. Well, I really wish Skyehawke then just out righted BANNED the subject instead of repeatedly presenting themselves as on our side and supporting our stories when other archives wouldn’t and listening to us, but then without warning or discussion setting up this illiterati and hoops to jump through and basically smoke screening the whole issue. It bothers me because I feel lied to, manipulated, and cheated. Besides that, I feel that I couldn’t make a choice to be respectful to the site’s administrators. If someone has that strong of an objection to a subject- be it chan or slash or religion or fics with Gilderoy Lockhart in them, I’d like to know because I’d like to choose NOT to put them in the position of hosting something they have a problem with and will end up causing problems later.

Had I known this from the start, I never would have put any of my fics on Skyehawke in the first place!

I said before, elsewhere, that I was going to wait a week or two to see how things panned out on Skyehawke before choosing what to do with my account. That was before I knew this. I’m taking them down NOW, not because of the kafuffle, but because of what the kerfluffle developed out of: the people at Skyehawke have a problem with rape and chan fantasy which is deep enough that it causes them emotional upset which I do not want to contribute to, and affects their ability to stand up for freedoms when these issues are involved. My being a member of Skyehawk was because I thought they did stand for our freedoms, not because I needed a place to host work (which I have elsewhere). I disagree with their actions but I’m not going to try to debate them into doing something that would be so emotionally upsetting to them; I think my energies and resources are much better put to use supporting another site or group or contributing to a new one.

Damn,that turned out a lot longer than I wanted, and I am crashing now having had vey little sleep in the past two days. =(

In parting, I think many of you who read this LJ will appreciate the following link to a book banned nearly 100 years:

My Secret Life (which can be read online here: ) is unusual as a surviving piece of hardcore Victorian pornographic writing, and as such is worth being reissued. Yet, on the whole, the book is monotonous. If it’s read with scholarly or salacious intent, then the whole narrative takes on a new dimension, but otherwise the mass of details becomes simply overwhelming. But read for whatever reason, the main thing to be learned from My Secret Life is that people are people, no matter how many layers of clothing they wore. Sex is sex, and is, as Walter says, "the great law of nature." The author of My Secret Life was brave enough to set that forth in writing in a less open age, and without shame. For that he should be remembered. ( )

ETA, Wed. Morning:
Skyehawke's cleared it all up! Nothing I've said is relevant because I'm suffering from "confusion, uncertainty and unnecessary concern" ( )
. Please tell me what to think, I'm obviously incapable of doing it myself!


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