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THANK YOU everyone for your help re: my request yesterday. I have paid the hosting/domain bill! :-D
ETA: I flagged all the donation email alerts, so I will remember everyone I need to pay back ("refund") next month.
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I have an embarrassing request. Can any of my friends here help out with some $$$ even if its just a few bucks. the reason is under the cut, and affects Intertexius/ABP among other things, thank you....

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I have had some people ask in private messages/emails about if we ever plan to finish ABP. The answer is YES. Bug's MS has just been very bad and they have recently developed grandmal seizures (a few a week sometimes) so we have been spending a lot of time at dr's which wears them out. My own meds stopped working well, so the dr tried me on different ones- the first of which did not work, the second of which seem to be working but have the side effect of making me sleep 15 hrs a day (i'm told this will go away as I get used to it). Besides illness, in the past couple yrs we've just been incredibly distracted by things like that huge storm that smashed thru our town last month, buying a house/moving in/fixing up, training an aide dog, health issues of other family members etc.

We have a lot of the story scripted out, and I am inspired to write, I just need to 1) find time, and 2) be not in too much pain so I can sit still at the computer for a significant length of time and concentrate.
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UGH, probably going to be another day and a half.... :-(

"ComEd expects to have the vast majority of customers restored on July 4 with isolated, smaller outages extending into the evening of July 5. This area’s boundaries are at approximately Route 43 (Harlem) to the east, the DuPage County Line to the west, Route 64 (North Avenue) to the north and Route 34 (Ogden) and I-88 to the south. This area took the brunt of 90 mile per hour winds and intense lightening and experienced significant damage. Mature trees were completely uprooted and destroyed power lines. ComEd is effectively rebuilding much of its infrastructure in these communities..."
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Photos under cut: Read more... )

This is old news but July 1st we had 1"+ hail and 90mph winds. House and pets are fine. Yard is a mess. And its now July 4th and we still have no electricity (and thus, no water, as we have a private well), and its been around 100'f going on a week now. We have a generator and a portable AC unit but it barely manages to keep the one room it is installed in below 86'F during the afternoon. There are still some side roads blocked by large trees and downed wires.

Bugland also has a new home aide, who seems fine, except that I can't understand 80% of what she says. I'm impatient with the drs, they're not really treating anything other than the pain, and even that, not as well as could be IMHO. Their "excuse" is that there is always some new symptom that they must explore before they can treat anything. So, the RSD was sort of put aside to explore the MS, the MS is put aside because they want to explore the epilepsy, and now they are distracted by bug's lungs- which I don't quite understand.

One day I'll find time to write and post a fic update. I'm sadly tempted to post raw script/notes, rather than the final story form.
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A chick/poult (baby chickens/turkeys) order i've been waiting on just came back to me b/c they didn't get payment- Why? PayPal only knows. I have a backup credit card that they are supposed to use in such cases (and regularly DO use). I checked the card- there's more than enough $ on it. But Paypal claims there isn't.... WTF.

So Now I have to call the hatchery tomorrow, explain, and have them just debit the credit card directly instead of going thru paypal (and have Bug pretend to be me if they need to verify why the name on the Credit Card (birth name) doesn't match the name I use for shipping or even my PayPal card).

This (paypal thinking I either don't have a back up fundign source, or thinking I don't have money available when I DO) has happened to me before- once online, and once when checking out at a store. It seems completely random. Does anyone else have this problem happen?
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We bought Bug a laptop at Microcenter a little over a year ago. Since Bug's limbs don't always do what they want (possibly MS?) we asked for the 2-yr (accidental) physical damage protection warranty.

Well, bug has had 2 things go wrong with the computer... first, there have been vertical lines on the screen. The lines come and go, sometimes get wider or thinner, and this is influenced by shaking the computer. Without opening it up, I'd say its most likely a loose or faulty cable.

The other problem is that one of the internal fans stopped working. This is a common thing to go wrong on desk tops and laptops, especially those used for long periods of time. The motors just die.

I'm not randomly guessing on the above; I build computers, i have some clue. When I build computers I just buy a warranty for the more expensive individual parts; I bring in the parts if they die and get a new one- I never had trouble with them before; but maybe they know they can't lie to someone who knows how computers work....

See, we brought the computer in and were told a 2-3 week turn around, which seemed fine. Then we got a call saying that they couldn't fix it because we don't have the 2-yr physical damage protection warranty we thought we had, but a 3-yr parts only warranty (the two apparently cost the same price, so we didn't notice the cashier make the error at checkout). They further insist that this is physical damage- without opening it up even, based on the fact that a cosmetic plastic covering to one of the hinges is missing- and this somehow caused the problems we brought it in for. Bug pointed out we bought the 2 yr accidental damage protection plan, not the 3yr parts only plan - and since they cost the exact same thing, can't they just correct the error, and get on with fixing the computer? This has resulted in numerous "I have to ask my supervisor/manager/repair department/warranty department/etc" with a phone call back re-iterating "we can't fix it because you have the wrong plan" instead of answering the original question they said they were going to talk to them about (if they can just correct the error and give us the other plan)... So they'll call back, again.

This has been going on over a week now.

And the most infuriating thing to me, is that they are totally using this little broken cosmetic plastic piece as an excuse to not fill their obligation under the warranty.... See, it doesn't matter which warranty we have- A dead fan motor and a loose/faulty video cable are NOT due to physical damage (especially not a hinge cover)! This should be fixed under the terms of EITHER warranty!

My mum has offered to go there with me in person to talk to the manager (Bug already talked to him on the phone and got nowhere) in hopes that more people- complaining in front of other customers- and a person who has bought a lot there (my mum) threatening to shop elsewhere will help. I dunno if it will or not; guess it doesn't hurt to try.

Anyone have any other ideas?
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Great.  My credit card is requiring that I come up with 3 answers to security questions.   There's like 20 options, but they are all TERRIBLE!  They are things like ....
  • "What was your favourite sport to play in highschool?"  (I had medicals out of gym/sports)
  • multiple versions of this.... "What's the name of your eldest/youngest son's/daughter's best friend?"  (Like no doubt plenty of other clients, i have no children)
  • multiple versions of this...."What's the name of your eldest/youngest brother's/sister's best friend?) (Like no doubt some other clients, I'm an only child)
  • "What year did you graduate college?" (I'm sure I'm not the only client to not have gone to or graduated from college)
  • "What was your most memorable promotion?"  (being on disability since childhood, I've never worked, let alone had a promotion)
  • multiple versions of this...."What was the name of the bestman/maid of honour/flower girl/ring bearer at your wedding?"  (I'm sure I'm not the only client to have never had a wedding (yes, "married" to bug forever, but not "legally" to our gov't, and never did a ceremony))
  • What is the name of your father's boss?  (How the hell would I know?  He died when I was a kid.) (Note, they don't ask about your mother's boss, (not that that would help me since she doesn't work either, but a bit sexist!)

There's NOTHING asking about books/movies or pets, which is what I usually do for these question requirements. 

How the hell am I supposed to answer any of these!???

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I wanted to get back to writing ABP.  I reread EVERYTHING we have online (took a while!).  OMG, the first book- the first half of it- I can't imagine why anyone read it!  It is the most awful writing ever- well maybe not the most, but darn close.  Seriously, if I was a reader, and faced with that, i'd not bother past the first few pages.  That said, it did get better.  And there were things I forgot about.  ANd Bug has been able to concentrate more to work together- maybe not as fast as before, but thats ok.  Still, I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to focus on writing again (see my last post- messed up sleep, not taking half my pain meds so Im in alot of pain, distracted by peopel in the house, etc), but at least its fresh in my mind now.  

Oh god... our last update was Dec 2007 !???  *ashamed*
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Just what I need, another reason to hate Chik-Fil-A.... Check this link out, and donate if you can to help the Little guy being bullied by the mega-rich.

In otehr news... i hate my life. I hate having people constantly in the house (eg nurses, homecare helpers etc). I cannot concentrate on any kind of work, my sleep pattern- which is messed up to start with, is even more messed up now by havign to try to force myself to be awake when they are here (to let them in and keep the dog away from them), so when they aren't here. i HURT- I can't afford to buy half my meds- one the insurance wont cover, so its $160, the other they will cover for a copay of $40 but not until I pay the deductible- that med is $260. I keep making dyslexic mistakes- like writing checks for the wrong amounts for our utility and mortage bills, or even forgetting which I sent and didn't. I'm about $200 off/behind in bills due to sending in the wrong amount or sendign things late and incuring fees...

to top this off, The dr put Bug on Lunesta - which we told him that it didn't work so he just increaed the dosage- and sure enough, Bug managed to buy $200 worth of virtual, non-returnable stuff on second life. Part of the money bug used (my paypal balance and then the credit card attatched to Paypal to verify my identity) was sent to me by other peopel who wanted to go in on an order for turkeys together... now, i cant place the order, and I have no way to pay them back. I hate my mum telling us to contact her if we have a problem before it gets out of control but then blows us off when we do... (this all started in January- I didn't know I screwed up in Jan until i got in bills for Feb. I told her the mistake I made (paid one bill twice, and forgot another one- and then thought the remaining money/difference left int eh account was extra that was free to spend) and that I thought I fixed it - when instead, i made MORE dyslecic mistakes- which I only know about now, in March when this months bills came in.

This month also sucks because normally i make an extra $200+/month in cash from selling pet rats. Litters just were timed (not by me, but by the rats paired up) so that none are available to place until early April. I can't even put anymore rat or bird toys online to sell to make some money, because my camera's batteries died and I have no way to buy more :-(


Feb. 9th, 2012 12:26 am
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I now have had the experience of dialing 911. Read more... )

Meanwhile, I have my own pharmacy/insurance mix-up we're tryign to sort out. Read more... )

Speaking of next month... I'm excitedly looking forward to putting in our poultry order- Read more... )

There is also a good chance (*crosses fingers*) that we will get a ram (*and* at a great price because his owner thought she might use him, and then never did, and he's past the popular "lamb" age to 3 babydoll sheepsell.... this though is actually really good for us, not just in price but because we be sure he is calm even after becoming fertile). Anyway, Read more... )

We do have a new aide for Bug- so far they seem nice, they haven't swept the dirt under the sofa  (we don't have a rug for that),  and I don't think they've stolen anything!  (Its really sad that this has become a criteria).  Read more... )

I see I have a gazillion (it feels like) snarry fics to read from the last fest... I keep telling myself that having lots of snarry to read is normally a good thing, lol.  In the last exchange, Bug and i wrote: Wandless; and
[personal profile] gingertart50 wrote Heart of Stone for us, which I still have to read.  Bug and i actually have an epilogue for Wandless but couldn't get it done in time- fortunately it stood on its own.  But, I'll try to get that up soon.  Although "soon" is relative and our track record has been pretty abysmal...

Oh hell, look at the time, and i have to be up at a decent hour tomorrow :-(

Back, trouble sleeping.  And I see Bug is still up on second life in zombie mode.  The house call dr put them on Lunesta- which past experience tells us is BAD NEWS (eg: sleep walking/sleep online surfing with no clue wtf you are doing).  I've already had to rescue them from almost walking off the bed, trying to grab the rotating ceiling fan.  They went to our regular dr who instead of prescribing something else, increased the lunesta dose!  I fully expect them to fall down the stairs, and/or spend a thousand dollars online on virtual "goods".  There has got to be something else they can take, (other than Ambien which was just as bad).  Do the drug co's give the dr's kick backs that outweigh the risk of being sued by people who get injured/killed on these drugs???? >:(

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Which is NOT pretty.....

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I expect most of you to ignore this, I jsut had a bad night and needed to vent (and record the facts so Bug can call tomorrow)

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I was re-reading, of all things, "Damage Control", the snarry sequal to "And Just Plain Wrong".  As fantastical as they seem, it hits close to home.  Sure magic isn't involved, but people that horrible beyond words exist- and like the HP World, they're right in between the cracks of the world most people see, waiting for the kids (and sometimes even adults) that fall in and not have any way out.  They are parents and friends and  teachers and supposedly respectable successful business persons.  Its skewed towards men but there's more women than anyone on the outside expects.  If the victim is a no-one: anon-white run-away, a migrant worker or child of, they often will kill them when they are done playing with them.... If the victim is one of their own children, or another child (or adult) who is white and from a decent neighbourhood and where people might ask questions, then they will be careful to hurt in ways that leave few if any marks; and to take victims to their doctors if something happens, where records will be lost.

I used to actually like Damage control, despite its darkness, because they GOT OUT and they went together into the Muggle world, and could start over, together.  It was a HOPEFUL ending, and that made it happy.  Bug got out, pretty much only because of me, not that I'm being self-congratulatory. 

But this time, I read it, and all I could think was that....

They manage to find a flat and get in some good lovemaking.  Harry finds an injured bird at the park and brings it home for Snape to fix up because they dont need their wands to brew potions after all.  And this becomes a pattern, so that they end up with a small menagerie of rescued birds and cats and squirrels etc, brewing healing potions for them until they can be set free (if they can be). 

But then eventually their minds realise that they are safe, and thus, memories come forward as their minds have decided that its time to process all the shit that's happened.  They can't have sex, let alone touch each other with out one or the other freaking out. They get dependent on Dreamless Sleep due to the nightmares they'd otherwise have, taking higher and higher doses until its no longer safe and they have to stop.  Their feelings about everything- the past- their difficulty dealing with the present- comes out sideways at each other and they have rows that cause neighbours to call the cops on them.  Snape is getting clumsy with the potions- making errors- they chalk it up to stress.  That backache, neck ache, shoulder ache- also, stress and sleeping in odd positions, for both of them.

They stick through all of this, hard as it is, and eventually, years later, they start to find ways they can be intimate, and to speak about things before they come out sideways.  But despite this break through, and finally some good sex after all those years of PTSD, the clumsiness increases, the pain increases...  After what they went through, its not at all unlikely that they'd both have severe RSD / CRPS all over their bodies; having gone untreated for so long, its not reversible.  A gentle touch from the other person causes severe pain- they can't sleep together, let alone have sex.  If they're having an especially good day, they might be able to hug- carefully.  And just because that's not enough,  Snape ends up with something else as well- like Multiple Sclerosis, or Lough Gerick's disease etc. 

Snape hasn't made a potion for years.  Harry can't help any more injured birds because he can't help themselves.  The ones that couldn't be released and became pets he tries to place, and for the rest, he continues to make sure they have at least food and water, even if he has to crawl to do it, but they seem to pine away without the doting-on they were used to.  He watches them die and blames himself. 

By now, they've managed to get someone to help clean the house and bring them food, but they hate having their little home, that they fought for with their life, intruded on like this.  They manage to go get a drink of water or go to the bathroom with the aide of a walker or a wheel chair. 

Snape and Harry try to do things together- play chess, write a book, just talk- but pain interferes and makes concentration impossible most of the time.  But most of the time, they stay in separate beds, not even in the same room as the rooms are too small for two beds, and remind themselves this is still better than what it was like back at Hogwarts under Death Eater control.  If they had wands, it wouldn't be enough to summon a patronus.

I wanted to write that as an actual fic, but crying the entire time I type, i can't manage it.

The drs have decided that Bug has both RSD/CRPS (thanks to their family/childhood), and Multiple Sclerosis.  We're still trying to get all the right treatments in place.   I just have a joint disease (Ehlers Danlos) that will always get worse, never better.  I have Fentynal from my primary doctor, but its not enough and I'm still waiting to get into a pain clinic / rehab center out here.  My mom stopped by and saw the place was clean because of the home maker, and she said "Oh I'm so happy for you, this is great! blah blahblah" and I just wanted to punch her.

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Insurance was covering a $550 med from the start of the year (Celebrex, 400mg AM, 400mg PM (I was on lower doses that didn't work)), which put me into the coverage gap just this mid april!  (usually its late summer or early autumn for me, and that's what I was expecting since my meds hadn't changed, and I dropped one and switched to a generic on another.  But apparently a change in dosage of the celebrex = skyrocket cost)

Now that I'm in the gap, suddenly, insurance is claiming that they don't cover that med/dose, which means that if I pay out of pocket for it, it will not count towards my getting out of the gap (once out, something like 95% of costs gets covered by the insurance)  My other meds, which they still recognise, will not total up to get my out of the gap by themselves ($350/mo).  My dr filled out paperwork they request to review the med and reconsider and they denied it.

Thus, by no longer recognising the med that they were recognising and that got me into the gap, i'll never get out of the gap, and they can never pay any thing for my meds again for the rest of the year.

Fraud?  But I dont know what to do about it (or where to find the spoons if I did)  Of course, I also dont know how I'm going to cover $900/mo of meds for the rest of the year so I have got to find some spoons asap.

Also, I got back my application for medicaid and food stamps- yep, I'm denied for "making too much" (they said they will not consider medical costs impact on income).  The worst part though is that they "combined" bug's and mine this time (even though they weren't supposed to, so that the $175 bug was getting got reduced to $16!!!  So now we have to wait yet ANOTHER month for them to redo bugs form so they will get the right amount, and all of this because they demanded bug come to an interveiw for renewal of services when Bug was IN THE HOSPITAL (we called them every day and left a message every day to this effect, asking to rescedual and never heard back until we got a cancellation letter in the mail.  WTF is the point of having a phone number on there to call if they completely ignore it?)

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‎"Run! The plow is here! Run for your lives! Run! It's moving day!"

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Was at Jewel (grocery) the other day. The total shopping bill came to over $300, so I didn't notice immediately that there was an error... the cashier ( a woman, this is relevant...) actually noticed it, and apologised that she forgot to enter my sticker-collection booklet to make the frying pans I got free instead of beign charged I don't know $50 or whatever they were otherwise. So I had to take the receipt to the customer service desk to get that refunded. The whole time I was in an OK mood. Accidents happen and I was glad she caught it for me instead of finding out later.

At the service desk, the manager was there and asked what I need. I explained the situation, keep in mind, I'm still in a good mood, I'm not an angry customer. The manager, hearing the problem responds Thus:

cut for mention of physical violence )

I don't think that was a very good response, but i was still shocked and since the next person in line was ready to push their way forward- I fell back on variation of an often used line when casheirs etc make some error and and you can tell they're expecting to be screamed at for it. Normally, my first instinct would have been to go find the manager and report that. But, obviously, in that store, it would no good, he'd probably congratulate the offender. And in this case it was the manager, so who do you ask to talk to as the next higher-up then?

So one, I need to figure out if / how the manager can be reported to anyone and

two, I need to get some easily modifiable lines to have at the ready if something like that happens again.

Suggestions for replies???
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The fan on my video board is making horrible noises. *crossing fingers* that it doesn't die on me before the end of the month (or even year, but I doubt that).

Poor bug has been in a lot more pain than usual for the past couple days (iow, fentynal patches are not effective); spent the whole day in ER, got tests done and found out..... nothing :-( got a referral to follow up on. I fucking hope they figure it out asap, and/or up their pain meds; i hate seeing bug so miserable; and more so I hate the people responsible for bug's physical conditions are free. And being anti-death-penalty, it almost makes me want to believe in a religion that would have them sent to hell to be tortured for eternity... but no, I just can't wrap my head around it.

Have a doctor bill in front of me demanding Read more... )
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A while ago,I asked you all to click the link below, and ask your friends to do the same?

I know some of you are sceptical if the ad revenue thing can work.... well, when enough people make the effort, yes it can (fandom, you are awesome at this!). Since putting up the page, Adsense + Project Wonderful have resulted in approx $80, not counting two sales of pet toys / craft supplies and a couple charitable gifts.

We are still following through on various leads people give p for local charities and the like. Unfortunately, we always seem to miss the cut off for income, or live just outside the servce area, or some other such stipulation. It doesn't help that we live in an "unincorporated" area where so many town services won't cover us because we don't pay taxes to the city (even though we're exempt from paying taxes so it doesn't actually matter!)

Tam and I have both been struggling with our medical conditions and the costs of prescriptions; mine alone are ~$1,200 a month, and Tam will be going in for spinal surgery this week. (they are doing something that is like "melting" the spine's nerve, which will cause them to be in a lot more pain and immobile for a while, but should hopefully, long term, reduce the pain considerably).   I don't mind taking care of them, but it does pt a big strain on my body and increase my need for the medicines that are so ridiculously expensive.

Anyway, point is, If you could all help continue to boost the traffic to that page, it will be much appreciated!
and it WILL be of help (page hits alone help- you don't have to click on ads unless you actually are interested in some thing you see). If you happen to have a webshop, web blog or something else you want to advertise, consider a account and place ads on any of my sites- that helps us out too!

I also have links there on PET TOYS and ABJD Accessories, ART and CRAFT things I sell- all the profits helping us with our bills. Thank you so much!

Here is the link:

BTW, Puppy mentioned he set the page as his web browsers homepage- super idea, thank you! Gives us page hits, with no need for you to remember to actually click to it.

And feedback.... what do you think I should upload more of - (what would you or people you might pass the link on to most likely buy?): (especially with the holidays coming up soon!)r

* Ball Jointed Doll Jewellry.
* Human Jewellry.
* Rosaries
* Toys for Birds and/or Rats.
* Craft supplies (paper beads, feathers, paper ephemera for scrapbooking/collage art etc)



Oct. 10th, 2010 04:31 am
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Can't Sleep! Ultra aware of my Hand. Of my Nose. Of my Tongue. Of being Mortal. Of everyone being Mortal. Do not want to have been born! To much to do. Not enough Time. Wasting it having a panic attack! Stop it! Argh!
(Do our cats / rats/ parrot etc ever stay up nights from this?)


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