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2017-07-15 05:25 pm


anyone know how to reach sscrewdriver?  they were on lj and i found them on deviant art, but neither have been updated for a long while and private messages/comments are unanswered.  i'd like to ask to have abp_meta comm on lj transfered to someone else as theyre no longer in the fandom.
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2017-07-15 03:34 am

(no subject)

can't believe i didnt see/comment on this first time around.... from a comment in the ABP_meta group...

really cant wait to get posting again... ten yr anniversary for last update, fifteenth for first book's first chapter.... mostly i'm slowed by pain and insomina and watching over bug when they have multiple day long seizures b/c the effing hospital thinks  temporal lobe manifestations are just people ODing on opiates or trying to get some.  Trying to finish basic website layout/server and doing some clean up on the published fics, with new chapter within yr.  thats my goal/focus.  once i get the new site software running i'll prolly take a 'break' and do a Q&A  to help readers catch up after the long hiatus.

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2017-07-14 09:03 pm violations?

so is copying my material, even though some of it is original and ignoring robots.txt (their faqs claim they dont have to).  pissed off doesnt even begin to describe their blatent disregard for authors, artists, copyright, personal safety, etc.

any one dealt with them before and getting stuff removed?

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2017-07-14 03:15 pm

evidently pastiche is too much for some to comprehend

oh man, this makes me sad... not getting a negative review, but the 'cause' for it.  What are they failing to teach kids in school these days?  They're complaining about not understanding stuff  learned in effing junior high!

its a pastiche... in the style of ancient mesopotamian stories.  You don't have to like the style, but thats completely seperate from if the authour managed to replicate the style effectively or not  (eg: 1/5 because i dont like the style, but 4/5 for execution and adherance to original style) There is TON of repetition and their own style of prose/poetry, not to mention that  lacuna or missing fragments is a common (and honest) fearure of translations from such long dead languages ... and as a computer programmer i know that sometimes disks/drives can be damaged in such a way that bits are missing here and there.  Recovering data, from damaged disks or ancient cuniform tablets is no easy feat, and just getting some of it, enough to understand it, despite the lacuna, is a great achievement.

  • but its too hard to read because it was too stylistic and bad at it .
  • but the author failed to 'recover' the lost fic because of all thé missing parts.
  • the lacuna makes it a 'WIP' 
  • they just threw together ideas with no direction (i fucking followed the gilgamesh plot near-exactly, starting from the scorpian scene)
  • i havent read it, but don't rec it. (my favourite kind of review!).

FFS, try reading the source text, Gardner's Gilgamesh being a decent one for the unitiated i think, and which i used as a refrence for writing, along with a collected book on stories from the setting and Ishtar ones, but googlimg 'gilgamesh + text' will pop up some older versions, some which try to fill in or skip the lacuna, others use '........' to indicate lacuna etc, and some try to modernise the style, but as i was writing for someone with interest in the subject, i went with what was the closer imho reading.  Anyway, if you get Gardner's book, note the style, note the lacuna, note the footnotes about the discovery, translation and words that no one agrees the meaning for...(Dead language meta...just was was Voldemort's 'Wawu'?).  The very epic of Gilgamesh is about a man's hopeless quest for immortality (and other things, Voldie wouldnt understand really, and evidently, neither do a lot of fans who dont seem to have read anything other than badly written modern fantasy)

And i see even the fannish meta went right over their heads ::eyeroll::  like Mrs Bough being killed by an anvil after arguing about the believability of canon pairings ("[re Ron and Hermioned]" I do feel that I have dropped heavy – hints. ANVIL-sized, actually, hints, prior to this point. ). or about fanfic forming a new mythos, in which, through various incarnations, from DE orgies to Prada suits, Voldie does obtain a sort of immortality, just not the kind he was intending.  (second pargraph of fic)

I don't care if feedback is positive, negative or so-so... but back it up! 

i'd love to how, for example,if i  succeeded or even failed at pastiche etc.   But you can't make a coherent attempt at feedback that can be of any use to the author, or to potential readers, if you criticise or praise patiche (or any other style) without having a clue about what it is or what the original work was like.  Complaining about their own ignorance as my failing doesn't tell me about my writing or how to improve; it doesnt tell readers what to expect, or how to approach the fic.  It does  tell me about their ignorance and their inability to recognise/learn... i'd have thought someone interested in a fic that incorporates a mythos or culture or literary tradition etc one was unfamiliar with would, you know, do a little googling to figure it our before revealing one's ignorance to the internet. 

Is this why they expressed that they were doubtful of anything posted to livejournal... to many educated people in the journal communities?  stick with the like minded uneducated so you can appear to be, and think you are, smart, and never have to question your ignorances or biases.... (oh how much ive learned on LJ and DW, i have to make a post about that one day, a sorta general thankyou to all the, many i dont recall names of, who educated me on so many things soon as i realised shutting my mouth and listening would take me farther in understand other people and the world.)

anyway, i'm guess i'm lucky they didnt try reading the Gertrude Stein crossover pactiche; it  most likely  would have got negative stars, lol!

example from a public domain text, though i like Gardener's better....

Urshanabi arrived at the Waters of Death.
Urshanabi said to Gilgamesh:
"Hold back, Gilgamesh, take a punting pole,
but your hand must not pass over the Waters of Death ... !
Take a second, Gilgamesh, a third, and a fourth pole,
take a fifth, Gilgamesh, a sixth, and a seventh pole,
take an eighth, Gilgamesh, a ninth, and a tenth pole,
take an eleventh, Gilgamesh, and a twelfth pole!"
In twice 60 rods Gilgamesh had used up the punting poles.
Then he loosened his waist-cloth(?) for...
Gilgamesh stripped off his garment
and held it up on the mast(!) with his arms.
Utanapishtim was gazing off into the distance,
puzzling to himself he said, wondering to himself:
"Why are 'the stone things' of the boat smashed to pieces!
And why is someone not its master sailing on it?
The one who is coming is not a man of mine, ...

I keep looking but not...
I keep looking but not ...
I keep looking..."

[lines are missing here.]

Utanapishtim said to Gilgamesh:
"Why are your cheeks emaciated, your expression desolate!
Why is your heart so wretched, your features so haggard!
Why is there such sadness deep within you!
Why do you look like one who has been traveling a long distance
so that ice and heat have seared your face!
... you roam the wilderness!"

Gilgamesh spoke to Utanapishtim saying:
"Should not my cheeks be emaciated, my expression desolate!
Should my heart not be wretched, my features not haggard!
Should there not be sadness deep within me!
Should I not look like one who has been traveling a long distance,
and should ice and heat not have seared my face!
... should I not roam the wilderness)

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2017-07-12 12:54 am

Neural Networks write the darnest Fanfics...

A neural Network   impersonated, among others, [personal profile] perverse_idyll  as a ron/hermione shipper:  ...

It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, followed by  Sirius/Remus and also seems to like  stories about Professor Snape trying to do rather ordinary things:

  • Severus Snape comes back to a night’s politics.
  • Severus has been through his lost remote.
  • Snape had a second thing, and that is better than anything for for the rest of his life.
(Just what is this '2nd thing'...?  I would like to know!)

Sometimes it even tried to use warnings, such as:

Better With The Broom Complicate by Margyn_Black
Tonks gets more than the best girl of creation. (Rated Maturisle, mark, a violence, contract) (slash] part of themes) ferret.


Well I don't feel like our 'careers' in as fanfic writers is in jeapordy anytie soon!!! :-D

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2017-07-04 03:46 am

shortest meta ever.

The word 'cursed' should never be used describe a child.
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2017-07-03 04:44 am

chan wtf

'chan' is not 'chan' if the younger character is 18 or even 19 (or even 17 and 11 months... ) .  Why even bother labelling it? imho, you're just breaking the search function.  its like labelling a fic as 'beastiality' because the main character's best friend's dog had puppies (with another dog, and entirely off screen). 

personally, i don't care for anything 16 or over given the label, but i understand some country's stupid laws and some ppl's triggers, so  as long as the age is stated (eg:chan(16)) i think that's an agreeable useage.  But calling something extreme/explicit chan with no age given when the character is of legal age....?   i dont get it
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2017-06-24 09:50 pm

a little snarry doodle came back to haunt me... (ABP)


strange/interesting how things ferment at the back of one's mind until quite a while later, AHA so that's the answer/meaning/whatever.

This little doodle I did years ago...

Bug and I have been writing, and we are wrapping up a specific scene, and while I was searching for something else, I came across this entry via journal tags and thought, 'holy crap, we just wrote that'.  Not, you know, Snape and Harry naked on a bed, 'cause we and plenty of others have written that in many delicious ways.  But specifically, this exact pose, the mood, even Harry appearing 'aged down' (there's a wee spoiler for anyone interested, but I can't imagine that revealing anything of importance at the moment; afterall, he's a shapeshifter, and he's aged himself up in previous books, so why not the other way around?).  The only thing missing in the image is a the ****  lol, ;-)  

Even Bicrim's comment about it looking more parental than romantic is, just... at first I thought, wow, she picked up on that so early, but then realised i didn't say the image was ABP related so it musta just been the image speaking to her, and my unconscious thru the picture (no, don't worry (or hope, if the case may be), ABP does NOT turn into a Severitus fic.)  For those wondering, no HP is not wanking for Snape's entertainment (or potion ingredients, or anything else), but feel free to consider it independant of ABP, or some character's fantasy or something.

The current unfinished book, and the one right after it, might actually get smooshed into one (not positive yet), and this scene is in the one after the current one we left off on, unless they are combined, in which case, it will be in the current book.   I am really eager to get to it.  It had some really horrible stuff to write in it, but totally necissary if they're going to ever heal / move forward. 

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2017-06-19 10:46 pm

website software, Efiction, AO3

I really wish EFiction wasn't MySQL based.  That's how intertexius got broken the first time around, corrupted DB. 

Trying to write my own little piece but damn physical pain, so I can't stay on the computer to work for more than 30 or so minutes at a time.

I know, Iknow, AO3... but I can't make heads or tails of it, as a reader or a writer.  Plus I like all our work in one place.  Unless we die, then I don't care where y'all want to post things.

Speaking of which, since lots of ppl have asked for ABP on AO3, can we just make an entry for it on AO3 but not put the actual story text there, just the link to it?  So people can find it on searches and leave kudos etc.?  Or is that not permitted? 

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2017-06-11 11:20 am
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(no subject)

ugh, forgot how much work current book we left off on needs...
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2017-06-09 09:47 pm

Not getting comment notifications on DW

scrolling thru my journal, or following links back to posts on other people's journal's where I made a comment, I've noticed that people have replied, but I didn't know, so I look like a jerk ignoring them....   LJ still sends me notifications of replies to comments, but DW doesn't.  I can't remember if it used to and stopped, or never did.

Is there a setting I need to reset?  Is this a paid-account only feature?  A bug (known or that should be reported)?


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2017-06-08 05:42 pm

fandom as gendered space, then vs now?

i was looking thru old LJ meta posts and curious... is fandom, especilly slash fandom, still seen by a significant percent as a 'safe place for (women born) women ONLY', anyone else being pretty much tresspassing / not to be trusted, their fic/art seen as not 'authentic' etc?  the meta was like 10 yrs old, and curious if this has changed or has stayed the same...?
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2017-05-15 02:31 pm
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So depressed.... laptop repair update :-(

So depressed.   The item on ebay with the right part number turns out to only be the visual part of the screen, and doesn't include the  touch screen glass!   Why would you use the same part number for two different things???

Unless someone knows where else I can get the parts, or has the same laptop that is dead for another reason (eg: dead motherboard etc), I need to raise almost double what I have already, as with the touch screen glass, they want  $300 :-(  which is sadly still cheeper than the $900 that HP wants! 

Here's the reply from the seller I asked just to be sure before spending the money:

Going to ask if they sell JUST the glass, but I rather doubt it, :-(

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2017-05-15 03:21 am

Update on Computer help, life, thank yous...

Posted an update with thank yous and specifics about where I am right now on our farm site here:

I also added an amazon list for those that did not want to use PayPal or did not have ability to use it.  You can also PM me for a postal address if you happen to have the Wacom Pen (even if the nib is missing) etc.

I'm exhausted from working on that, despite breaks, so sorry sort post, and all thank yous are over there.  Gotta try to sleep now.

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2017-05-14 08:36 am

Anyone know the artist or any other info about this artwork?

Why is it so hard to find any info on this stained glass art? Judas Iscariot, hanging from a tree, his soul 'as a baby being pulled out of his belly by satan.
It is in the Chicago Art Museaum in the medieval hall- on the opposite side of the room from where the armor and spears etc are displayed. I think it was made in the 1500's? give or take.
I have tried googling everything I can think of ("judas iscariot" + "art institute chicago", "judas iscariot" + hanging + stained glass) and so on. Tried google links and google images. Can't find a damn thing!

Image under cut (if I do this right.... Read more... )
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2017-05-14 01:15 am

(no subject)

This is how JKR's vocal  fanbase supports her by villifying marginslised people, and how JKR can't even be bothered to respond, let alone apologise, to a fan who point out the reality of her actions.  JKR only wants to hear from those who praise her, the rest, can be eaten by her minions.

Dr Adrienne Keene told Rowling on Twitter that “it’s not ‘your’ world. It’s our (real) Native world. And skinwalker stories have context, roots, and reality … You can’t just claim and take a living tradition of a marginalised people. That’s straight up colonialism/appropriation.”

After she spoke out on Twitter, Keene said that she had been deluged with responses, “with the typical accusations of my oversensitivity and asking if I understand that Harry Potter is fictional, and more directed hate telling me my doctorate is being misused and I’m an idiot.... 

Also worthy of note is that Rowling is known for responding directly to fan questions on Twitter, and overall being accessible to her fanbase. Despite thousands of tweets directed at her about these concerns, she has not addressed it at all. The silence is noted, and it’s deafening,” wrote Keene.
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2017-05-13 04:36 am

Gaming Problems

When playing a game such as, The Sims, I pretty much always get a craving for whatever the characters are wanting to eat or actually eating- usually mac n cheese.

When playing The Long Dark, I am lucky when my character has tinned tomato soup.   Unfortunately, that's a bit of a luxury.  Most often, my character starts with nothing but: mouldy granola, stale crackers, sardines and DOG FOOD.  You're doing good if, before finding a working gun, you find a deer carcas and scavange some rancid deer meat.  YUM!


ETA: as I'm telling Bug about this, Mikołaj the Service Dog woke up and is making pathetic sounds like 'where's the Rancid Deer Meat?  I waaaaaant some!'

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2017-05-12 06:47 pm

so someone stold jkr's postcard. boohoo.

J K 'lockhart' Rowling made millions by appropriating (that means STEALING) cultural experiences, some of which are extremely emotionally painful for people of those groups, and ignoring others minorities or throwing them bones and then taking undeserved praise for it.   First with Europeans, and now, like her golden 'where's my slave, i want a sandwich' so called hero, she still hasnt matured/learned and did it again to the Indigenous nations in north america.

A few 'zingers' (not even good ones) on her twitter feed when you trash us in your books does not make you an ally!  it makes you a NIMBY twofaced PR whore.

With her insincere...i know this controversial but...  'i'd like to apologise for...' followed by ducking for cover, you can hear the giggling like she's still mentally 14, and like her 'hero' she did this super great thing, and she's got to ride it for the rest of her life to maintain her living standard and place in the spotlight.... where's her slave and sandwich?  go get it slavering fans!

I say, GOOD LUCK to the 'theif' of the postcard! 

keep it.  post it to the internet for masses.  burn it.  whatever you like.   but, if the jewellry isn't hers though, it should be returned, unless this is a case of stealing to afford the only medication that would save your loved ones life and the greedy insurance co's refuse to cover it type of thing.  Then I hope you get enough for it to cover the expenses.

She can donate the auctioned amount out of her own blood-lined pockets.  Theft of an object will never equate to the theft of cultural identity, experience, trauma, and life/genocide, but y'never know what experience might set a person onto the path of rethinking their world view to be more inclusive (one gay, celibate, dead wizard, mentioned after the series had been published, doesnt count, unless the books were written 100 yrs earlier and fell thru a time warp), more compassionate when the PR machine isn't watching, and more understanding of real love... if she knew anything about it, she sure never managed to get it communicated on paper, except for a stunted, toxic version mistaken as the real thing by other emotionally immature people who would think a real 'friend' dumps you in your moment of greatest need or that the ideal boyfriend/father should be excused for being an emotionally and sexually abusive bully to both those he doesnt like for simply 'existing' as well as to his wife that he lied to, letting her think he stopped his bullying ways when he hadnt.    

If she cares about whats 'right' she can start by donating, no sorry, returning, the money she made to the groups that she has exploited and or ignored, hurting either way, along with an apology and advise to other current and would be authors to cut that shit out.  pull your books, movies etc from circulation, stop profiting from other people's suffering, stop accepting praise for throwing minorities bones, stop sharing your toxic mindset and confusing  young people that are still trying to figure out things like love and compassion.

i'm glad my grandparents arent able to read her trash... she'd have ripped open the scars on their hearts and rubbed salt in the wounds, making money and being praised for it by a younger generation that has lost touch, or was never well taught the truth of history for fear of not teaching to the final exams or offending some family that would claim their 'religious freedom' to lie to their children was being trampled on, because they'd rather teach their children that  the holocaust or trail of tears etc never happened, and alex jones is the lone truth-teller in all of journalism, i mean, entertaintainment, no i mean, lunatic ravings.



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2017-05-12 06:36 pm

ABP filter

if you asked to be on the filter for questions, feedback etc before we go posting ABP again, (as discussed here )  and you do not see a locked post just before this one for that, please let me know so i can fix it.  thnx.
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2017-05-08 08:47 pm

snarry fans

i know ppl still go to our fannish website for the fics, but dont know who on my reading list is still into it, or has moved on.

if you are still into snarry, and interested in ABP being updated, and can keep a secret or two (i have questions on some things, 'should we do it this way or that way'.), comment, so i can put you on a filter for those posts.