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May. 8th, 2017 08:47 pm
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i know ppl still go to our fannish website for the fics, but dont know who on my reading list is still into it, or has moved on.

if you are still into snarry, and interested in ABP being updated, and can keep a secret or two (i have questions on some things, 'should we do it this way or that way'.), comment, so i can put you on a filter for those posts.

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i don't post about but a fraction of the offline crap we deal with, even back when i posted much much more often on LJ. Like last month, when our amazing service dog woke me up (a very difficult task) because Bugland was not breathing. like not at all, blue and cold lips. I think bug is right that i havent finished processing that one, and no doubt some other crisis will appear before i do.

Anyway, this crisis led to a problem i have to seek help on which I feel absolutely guilty for... trying to raise money or find someone who has the computer parts that would donate them, to fix my laptop and tablet, because when the emergancy workers showed up, they dumped this heavy box thing (i keep thinking it was a defibulator, but i dont know, maybr just supplies) on the table, right on top of my laptop, cracking the touch screen, and damaging the wacom tablets pen.

i've tried to get my online store and ebay back up and running, but between just being sickér than i was when i used to do that, and the damage to my laptop which prevents me from using it but in short bursts, Its going so ridiculously slow that i doubt i will have it up and running before the crack gets worse and the computer becomes unusable.

i wrote about this, in great length, on our non-fannish blog for our farm... its long because i always have a hard time writing about being unable to support ourselves, and bad shit happening, etc. basically, the accidental damage warrantee will not refund me enough to afford a laptop that meets my needs.  I can however buy the damaged parts online, such as ebay, and repair it myself... or if i can raise enough, spare my arthritic hands and  have a local repair shop do it.    The screen on ebay looks around $150 to 300.  Dunno what a repair shop would charge tfor the work.  Wacom tablet is fine (because the mouse works) but the pen is damaged, but that shouldnt be too much more.

I sent a link request to Copperbadge's Radio Free Monday and told him to go ahead and consolodate/rephease it. (i don't remember how to make user names into links, so  if anyone reading doesnt already follow his journal, i recommend it.  if you cant help us, maybe there's someone else you can, and i may feel slightly less guilty then about asking for help if it helps someone else).  Anyway, I think it is much clearer as he put it...

"[personal profile] alchemia is raising funds to replace equipment damaged when his spouse had a medical emergency and EMS workers dumped a heavy box of supplies on top of his laptop on the table. The laptop is not just a computer but also an assistive device for Alchemia, as well as a major social outlet; in addition, his Wacom tablet was damaged. You can read more and support the fundraiser in a number of ways here, including donating money but also sending used or purchased parts"

feel free to share the link, maybe i can make an extra 5 or 10 dollars on ad revenue... every bit helps!

For those in the Chicago area (esp far west suburbs) I also have backyard chickens hatched April 4 thru 14 for sale, and toys, both commercial and handmade, for pet rats hamsters gerbils, bords/parrots, cars, dogs etc...   oh, also got some gently used cages suitable for ferrets, rats, sugargliders and similar small pets.   if you want to buy and pick up these kind of things, thatd be much better than having postal costs and paypal and ebay fees that cut into profits. Message or email me for info on those things.

sorry for any typos... using the mini tablet and the tiny screen's tiny online keyboard is really hard to use without making typos.

For those that want to donate but not cluck thru all the links and rambling on in my blog, here's my paypal link:


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Bugland and I have been working on ABP stuff (almost regularily now, yay) and there is a plot point that a while back we discussed changing.  The other day I realised the change really wouldn't work, so I turned to them to suggest we go back to the original idea.  First they said "no, absolutely not..." and then proceeded to explain that this was because Snape "believed in the cycle of life" and as such such would want to be eaten by "scavengers", like vultures in Tibet, and how would Harry feel about that, for that matter, how would *I* feel about it, given that we already have burial plots, and how would we ensure that we were both eaten by the same scavegers?  Especially as one may drag a body one way and another drag the other body another way... they'd have to post someone to watch and shoo away all but one vulture who would have to eat both of us (which gave me a mental imagine of a grim parody of the movie "Seven", but with a vulture being forced to eat bowls and bowls of entrails instead of spaghetti)  Anyway,  by this point, I realised they were talking in their sleep, and reassured them, they just needed to tie the bodies together, no one had to stand guard.

Well, the next day, I told them about it, and they laughed so hard, Mikolaj, our service dog, came running over to check on them, acting as if he was worried that Bug was having a seizure.  After a bit, he realised Bug was not having a seizure, and boy, did he look like the world's happiest dog just them.

It also came up, the ways the internet has changed since we started ABP, and where as we used to do text 'outtakes', today, youtube videos of what we say out loud while writing certain scenes could be the equivilent.  Except enither of us want to have a camera on us.  I suppose we could point it at Mikolaj, so you'd have silly dog faces as commentary to our talking while writing.

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did not need to stumble on an unidentified link to that duplicitous hack's twitter feed of bs 'apologies' & more bs.


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i miss being active in (mostly) fannish discussions nearly everyday a deacde + ago on LJ.  I know, I can write more posts - but who is reading?  I could reply to posts, but... I just looked at my 'reading list'/'friends page' and one page represents a whole week :-(  that's pretty sparse.  I need more DW 'friends'.


IDK, rec me people / groups, or rec me to ppl you know?  Is this like a pathetic attempt at a personals ad?  I like slash, especially Snarry, and meta discussions about HP or fandom in general.  But I really dislike JKR and the 'canon'.  I guess that might make some fannish relationships difficult, since in the past, people would be all ''book 7 came out!  Squeeee!'' and I would be ''JKR has again, outdid herself on being a priveledged, cultural-appropiating, hypocrite and enabler of X-phobia/X-bashing, oh and she's a hack who lacks any real writing talent.''  I'd rather talk Fanon than canon as the first is more interesting, the second more triggery/angering.

Uhm, ok, other than the very little specific fandom circle I follow and the few fen in it that I don't offend with my dislike of the creator of a series that had so much potential.... I am Autistic (very very anti Autism $peaks), queer, married (with whom I do much co-writing with), ocassionally complains about chronic pain and lack of spoons, havent had a TV for almost 2 decades and cant afford online subscriptions so I cant really connect with fandoms based on tv shows.  rarely bother with movies too (ironic since film was part of my first create-your-own major) due to lack of $$$ and the sensory issues that overwhlm me in theatres.  I used to love comics, but again, haven't bought any for decades due to money.  I read a lot on medieval history / literature / etc, as well as ancient history, and WWI 7 WWII, world religions/mythologies (although I am an athiest), and biology/genetics and other sciences in general.  I like painting / crafting / sculpting.  We have a mini farm with chickens, miniature sheep, giant but gentle dogs, fancy rats, gerbils, african grey parrot, and rabbits

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I got an email notification from Fanlore about a change to Telanu's page ( ) so of course, I was curious as to why her site was removed, and a google search got me to a SnarryFicFind post about it, which was even weirder to me... Why would someone remove all their work from one fandom / pairing, but not others?  I found a possible explaination in the thread below the post:

Evidently, this is another fandom thing I've missed during our barely being around ( :-( ) but... I don't get it.  Don't ALL fandoms have characters that some people love and others hate?  Why worry about it?  Why not just avoid / block those people that you can't stand?   Or avoid fandom on site X and enjoy it on site Y where people share your interests?  Unless you're getting death threats or something, why hide just because there are more people now who don't like the character/pairing you like?  I have to think that either Telanu left for some other reason(s), and/or I'm more out of the loop with fandom than I thought and need to be filled in on wtf is going on as its beyond my ability to imagine (filled in that is beyond what was explained in the linked thread, because if that is all, then, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't change a thing for me.  It sucks sure; but the world is full of people who are shallow, who are mean, who are hypocrites etc.  But JKR's writing and her interviews etc told me long time ago that she was shallow and a hypocrite, so really, I am not surprised she'd attract a fanbase that was.  I've always thought the circles on the LJ / DW sites were generally more insightful and caring, and that this was a minority of fandom anyway.   I read and write what I want, and I don't care what a bunch of people I never met think about it (I don't even care what most people I do know think of it)).

And on the subject of writing Snape /  Snarry... 

Bug and I have gradually got into something more resembling a regular writing pattern.  Writing 'new' stuff has been important for us since we do it together, and we've needed more of that lately.  The turning the script into prose form is something we do seperete, and just proof for eachother.  We have a future 'stopping point'  in mind ('pausing point'?  not the end of the fic,its just about 1/3rd into the book following the one we left off in the middle of so many years ago)  at which point we'll start working on the proseupdates again.  Then we can go back to alternating between the two as we used to, and even if something gets in the way of writing new stuff, there should be enough script material to keep doing updates for a while. 

I dont expect anyone to really believe it until they see the updates, (hopefully over summer or fall), but thats ok.   Saying it helps me formalise the goals in my head.  (and even if you DO believe me, please hold off on re-reading. We want to make some edits / polish some of the old stuff / make some things more clear that weren't as much as we thought they were after getting feedback/reviews etc.)


Grrr Why won't my posts from DW crosspost to LJ????  I made a test post and thought I fixed it, as the test post showed up, but when I try to repost the actual post, it will not crosspost! >:-(  I had to manually repost it over there ( )

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LOL, new crab is named Harryslashplex Severus.   The next one they find will be named ''Snarry Chan''.

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just saw 'proud gryffindor' userpic w/confederate flag background on facebook; not surprised. Hatefilled bookseries.
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only had to get rid of ONE 'friend', who rarely posted, to free my FB feed of all kinds of racist, sexist, queerphobic, hatefilled false christian group propaganda. Interesting algorithm FB is using that ONE so called 'friend' can pollute a person's feed that much
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Bug and I continue to write... slowly, but making progress.  10 years since our last update :-(  is that a shameful new fandom record?  i miss the days we posted a couple chapters a week.  I technically have enough to make an actual update but I want do 2 things first... make the site more reader friendly, and have enough for a few updates that can be doled out in case we get stalled due to medical issues, depression, whatever, we dont get further writer's block from anxiety about not updating so soon after trying to get back into the habit

I feel so lost in fandom.  i heard  about the LJ russian server move.... which makes me really... sad?  nostologic?    i backed up my posts to dreamwidth... i intend to keep my lj account in case of lj based discussion, or lj being sold again to some non-russian company, but i dont know how mych they will police nonrussian users... slash, especially chan slash will no doubt run afoul of their homophobic laws.  :-(

but other than the lj russian server issue... what have i missed out on?  who is still followimg my posts (and for snarry or   other reasons)?  who is still in Snarry.  Are the snarry haunts still the same ones as of years ago, or are there new ones i should know about / join?  what about meta in general?  anyplace besides here (and tumbler, which, just, no) where fandom, especially HP slash is happening?
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as usual, i am late to the party. seems worth doing what with LJ moving to russian servers and my trying to be more active in fannish space again.   if you havent seen it, it is here:

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DONATE & FORWARD! 2 states are covered and they are partway on the 3rd. EVERYONE should care about this. Even trump said he didn't trust the system and wouldn't accept the results... until it worked in his favour. Americans deserve to know if anomolies in such a close election are just that, anomolies, or if the system is broken (hacked etc) and needs fixing. (IMHO every election that is close or goes unexpectedly should automatically trigger a recount in relevant states w/o having to sue for it.)

Donate Here:


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"Trump supporters, meanwhile, are now openly vowing to rid the US of non-whites (referred to as “MUDS”) in America entirely."

- Muds Straight out of Harry Potter, effing NIMBY pro-WASP story about a Jesus-hero who can't mature past wondering when his slave will bring him a bloody sandwhich!  It could have been a great series, with  a great message, that made kids not just interested in reading but in being more compassionate- in growing up to fight hate instead of being blind to it.  Maybe today's news headlines would be different... maybe not... but I wouldn't be wondering.  Those "lets make a utopia wizarding world on earth" fans made me sick from the moment I heard of them.  Were they completely blind to the whitewashing, twisted morality, regurgitated homophobic symbolism, ableism, sloppy self-serving offensive misuse of living history etc etc....?   Did they see it, but not care, or did they actually see it and yet still  think that that was the way to a better future? "She didn't mean it that way" / "it was just all in good fun", is no excuse; (it may not have been intentional; writing was cheap therapy for depression and stress, but also out came  the toxicity she was raised up on (that we all are raised up on to some extent or another), and that was left on the pages, unexamined, or worse, turned into a punchline.  )

I don't care if she makes a smart twitter now and then; her stories and their symbolism are what lodged in people's minds.  Even when the details are forgotten, or the dots of the symbolism aren't consciously connected, they still fester at the back of the mind, and come out later, in words, or worse, in actions. 

Using the series (its slogans, symbols, etc) to show solidarity at this juncture is just utterly disturbing to me. It's like holding up 1984 or It Can't Happen Here or The Handmaid's Tale as a book we can symbolically unite under... except that THOSE books would make sense because they were MEANT to be dystopian warnings to guard against... Harry Potter doesn't realise that its dystopian, that it begins screwed up, and the hero's winning means that everything can go back to the same screwed up status que, just without a charasmatic leader (which is almost worse, becuase who/how do you fight that?  and before you figure it out, a new meglomaniac will likely come fill the vacuum). That inability to recognise itself as dystopian makes it, and the people that hold JKR's world up as 'harmless fun' or worse, 'an utopia to strive for', all the more disturbing and disgusting. 

I seriously don't know why the people who were banning and burning those books (and sadly, we know some) weren't using them for raising up their little army of bigots; it was practically a manual in how to do Evil, under the banner of 'being Right'/being 'christian', and getting away with it, because it is for the 'greater good', where 'greater good' is New Speak for supporting sexism, queerphobia, xenophobia, racism, etc etc. 100 points to Gryffindor for the Gallant use of a bloody Unforgivable!

image from CNN,  KKK throws a parade for Trump, who is putting white nationalists into offices.


Oct. 31st, 2016 12:31 am
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Bugland and I have been making quite a bit of progress with writing!

toby's nose

Aug. 2nd, 2016 05:33 am
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Wasted a few hrs playing this cute littlr interactive fiction game, in which you are Sherlock Holmes dog and you sniff your way thru the game....
can play online so any platform...

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Abandoned at 3 yrs of age due to an unfortunate situation, we were able to save her life, but our disabilities prevent us from fostering her long term.  We need to get her into a pitbull rescue foster grop ASAP, or find an doptive home for her ASAP (which means needed funds for spaying, etc).  Until one of these two futures can be actualised, we need help with the cost of supplies and especially dogwalking as we are physically unable to do this due to disabilities.

See the whole story at

since gofundme doesnt accept paypal, if you prefer to use that, you can also send donations via paypal to AGangi(AT)rodentfancy(DOT)com - it will appear as ''pet nouveau'' rather than my name. Please mention 'abandoned pitbull princess DONATION'' when sending the paypal funds so I can keep it organised, thank you! gofundme:  Donations of supplies / services are also welcomed; we are in the far west Chicago suburbs. 

Even if you cannot donate or adopt, please help by sharing the links!!!

If interested in adopting her, please email me at Princess(AT)Rodentfancy{DOT}com

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"When people ask me why I don’t like Autism Speaks, I explain their lack of focus on true advocacy for autistic people, the bulk of their funding does not go toward creating support systems and programs, and that their campaigns are dehumanizing and harm people on the spectrum....

Since the public isn’t typically familiar with all of their rhetoric, I decided to break it down here...."

Read the rest at:

"After reading this, tell me how I’m supposed to give my support to Autism Speaks."LAM on the LAM

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"... You want it to be called differently-abled?

Go change the world so that our different sets of abilities really are just different sets and they don't get all kinds of discrimination for being unexpected or (supposedly) wrong sets.

Go make sure people don't think existence with my set of abilities is tragic and not worth living and that murdering people for being like me is seen as the murder and horror that it is, not as some sort of mercy killing.

Go make sure that the tools we need are in our possession.
Go get rid of the access barriers.
Make ableism stop being a thing, and we can talk..."



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