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ONE DAY we will post fic again. 
But not today. 
Today, like most days, we continued to work on beating The Mirror of Maybe's update record while focusing  on not going bat-shit insane because we are surrounded by bat-shit insanity.  Like this....

 Bug has had a difficult time taking trips in the car due to increasing pain and nausea, despite being on Kadian/morphine.  This has been especially problematic with getting to their pain dr- who won't make appointments/write scripts early.  This doctor only has 2 days a week he takes appointments (and only early AM which is hell on me), so if an appointment is missed, reschedulling can mean going over a week or more.... during which time, the patient has NO PAIN MANAGEMENT.  The last two times this happened, Bug missed the appointments not even just because they were sick, but because they were IN THE ER (last time b/c the at home dr sent them out of fear Bug had appendicitis), and since we didn't expect to be in the ER, we couldn't possibly call to give them 24 hrs notice either, so we have to pay double the visitation fee- which we can't really afford.  The staff even told Bug that they 'used up their chances' and can't come back if it happens again.  I suppose all the rest of the patients at that clinic are so healthy they never are sick or in the ER, so why are they even there in the first place?  Bug actually just had an insight that the clinic is playing Good Cop Bad Cop (the friendly dr who always has a joke to tell verses the hostile staff).  Of course, its not exactly easy to change pain drs and they know that.  I spent months calling/emailing places when we moved here, always mentioning that I had a referral from my family dr (giving name/location), and never ever got a call back from a single one.  They're all too terrified of the DEA... if they don't personally know your family/referring dr and/or you changed pain dr's more than once, then you MUST be a druggy.  I'm still surprised Bug managed to get into this guy.

Bug has been getting at home doctor/nurse visits- and their dr recently changed.  He said, don't worry, we can do the pain meds from your home since travelling to appointments  is so difficult for you.  Sounds good right?  Hahaha, just wait.    So calls were made to make sure this wouldn't violate Bug's contract with the other pain dr (thank you DEA for your war on people with chronic or terminal diseases causing severe pain), and the dr's agreed to change Bug's treatment to at home.  The at home dr wrote a script for morphine and Bug was schedualled to see him again in about a month.

Well, either the script was mis-written, or Walgreens mis-read it, because Bug was given a 14 day, instead of 30 day supply. 

Bug called the home doctor company about the problem, and as the original doctor was unavailable/on vacation, they sent over a substitute.

Substitute Doctor refused to come into the house because it "smelled funny"  (yes, a house with a dog and some cats will have a pet odour, but it is not offensive or anything. In fact, Bug gets other home assistance which includes someone who comes to help us clean 2x a week, and they had *just* been there the afternoon/evening before this early AM visit.  So it was quite clean).  Now, Bug has MS, which every dr/nurse/physical and occupational therapist we've spoken to, tells us, that heat causes flair-ups.  So, naturally this doctor MADE BUG STAND OUTSIDE IN 90'F HEAT, balancing in pain on a cane,  because he didn't like a house that smelled lived in as opposed to a sterile hospital. 

THEN he lied to Bug and said he wasn't licensed to write prescriptions!

So, this "Dr" put Bug into a situation that caused a flair-up of MS symptoms, with no medication, and the promise of withdrawal symptoms to hit shortly there after, which in turn were likely to trigger the Grand Mal Seizures Bug's recently started to get.

So, having run out of meds, and unable to cope with the pain/withdrawal/flair-ups, we called for an ambulance to take Bug to the ER (Normally, i would have driven Bug, but I had just been put on Soma for my chronic pain (joint disease) and the effect is far more hilarious than would have been possible had I drunk a whole bottle of vodka (I can't walk 5 ft without walking into a wall, and for some reason, there was powdered sugar all over the floor but I have no recollection of how it got there.... yet I can type, go figure))

Anyway.... once at the ER, Bug was apparently given the most shitty dr and nurse team on the staff....  They outright mocked Bug and refused to provide any pain management at all, claiming that Bug was just a "druggy", and/or that Bug was a "wimp" (the nurse actually claimed that she had had an incision across the width of her abdomen and she was back at work within a couple days with no pain meds at all- so anything Bug was experiencing couldn't possibly be *that* bad).  Bug (who had no choice of where the ambulance would take them) asked about being transferred to a hospital where our family dr was on call with (and could at least order them to admit bug for pain care), and they accused Bug of using emergency services as their personal taxi service! (I have no idea how to reach our family dr in this situation, the office is closed and the phone recording just says "if this is an emergency, hang up and call 911", which is, in fact what we did; and also unfortunately, the hospital she is affiliated with is an hour away from where we are now- if I couldn't drive to the hospital 5 minutes from our house, how could I drive Bug an hour away?)

Faced with no hope of treatment on a holiday weekend, Bug started crying and said something like "so what am I supposed to do for pain management, walk in front of a bus?"- admittedly, not the smartest thing to say, but at the same time, understandable, and even I, literal as I am, would understand that was metaphorical, and not, by itself, a sign the person was actually suicidal.

Naturally, they reacted by posting a cop next to Bug's bed, and threatened to commit Bug to a mental ward.

By this point, my mum was in the area and went to to the ER.  Despite trying to talk sense into the Dr/nurse team, and then the same with their supervisors, my mum couldn't get them to treat Bug for Bug's pain/withdrawal, nor could she get them to release Bug to go home!  So she gave up and tried calling the police on them.  She only didn't manage it due to the ridiculously impossible nature of calling out of the ER... apparently they have something that jams cell phones, so she had to ask to use one of their phones, which was complicated beyond belief on how to use, by which point they figured out who she was trying to call and *finally* agreed to release Bug, without any pain management, and only as long as my mum agreed to stayed with Bug for at least 24 hrs. Right. 

Anyway, Bug got home, in worse condition than Bug had left it.

Bug then called the Home Dr people, to update them on the situation and see what can be done about it.  Bug told me they said that they'd get a script to our pharmacy on Monday; and Bug seemed to accept this and seemed to plan to just take sleeping pills to stay unconscious until them (relax!  Not take them in a dangerous/suicidal way, just to stay asleep most of the day and avoid the pain)

Well, I found this puzzling.  Did they mean they'd mail the script out on monday, and we'd then have to wait for it to wind its way through the postal system?  Would they send the script overnight?  Did they have a courier service that would get it there the same day?  And wait a minute... isn't Monday a holiday?

So I called them- well, the weekend receptionist that is- everyone else is gone for the weekend.  I introduced myself as Bug's Husband, and that I wanted to clarify things. Only retrospectively did i realise they just accepted that and discussed Bug's case with me (Ok, the phone number was the same... but for all they knew, Bug could have called from a neigbour/friend/brother/waiting-room/library/whatever and I was just a snoopy person pretending to be Bug's husband.

Despite this being the same person Bug had talked to just a few minutes ago, she told me that their records showed Bug picked up the script earlier in the month and thus, Bug should be set for a month!  I told her no, and why, and that Bug said she said a script would be sent on Monday- and I needed to know if this was a same-day courier, postal (next day, regular post) etc.  She told me that they'd have to ask the dr that visited Bug last, and he'd be the one to write/send it (the nice fellow that made Bug stand out in the heat and get an MS flair up, and claims he can't write scrips).  Oh, and that it wouldn't be until Tuesday, because everyone is gone for the holiday weekend.  (So why was Bug told Monday?)  I got that dr's name and then told her that asking him was unacceptable, described how shitty he was (and I think I said something about how if he treats one patient that way, he probably does it to others as well who may not have family living with them to see and report things; and that he needed reprimanding- not a slap on the wrist kind, since what he put Bug thru was not a "slap" but literally torture.  Loosing his license would be appropriate and then he can tell people the truth about not being able to write scripts!)


She just played stupid the whole time "Well I don't know", "I  don't have his report yet (like he'd admit to being an arse) etc).  

I'm not sure what was the best part... her *repeatedly* telling me that Bug should go to the ER to get help with the lack of pain management issue  (said multiple times after/despite my telling her of Bug's terrible experience and lack of care at the ER)... or her *repeatedly* calling me "ma'am"  despite introducing myself as Bug's husband, and correcting her pronouns multiple times.  Retrospectively I have to wonder if this was all her way of having fun at her job.

Somehow, we need to make it to Tuesday, to call Bug's original pain dr, get through the "bad cop" staff to see "good cop" doctor ... soon, and then somehow make it until whenever they can give us an appointment for.... without Bug going insane from pain, having seizures, etc.  Without my going insane trying to take care of us both, or from pain, which although less than Bug's is still high enough that the idea of getting up to microwave food for either of us,let along walk the dog, terrifies me.


Any guidance on how to make sure karma gets around to the substitute at-home doctor, the ER doctor and ER Nurse, and/or how to cope/get Bug's MS and Pain properly treated is most appreciated!

Date: 2012-09-02 08:56 am (UTC)
grackle: denis leary looks pretty (Default)
From: [personal profile] grackle
I'm enraged on your behalf. I HATE the puritanical attitude America has toward pain relief drugs. I hope you can get something for Bug SOON.

Date: 2012-09-02 05:34 pm (UTC)
amorettea: (col worried)
From: [personal profile] amorettea
I wish I could help but all I can do is recommend a long, detailed letter to the state medical association when this is under control.

My father, who was a doctor, used to curse the system that prevented him from prescribing pain meds to patients who needed them. He had cancer patients who were dying in agony and he couldn't give them strong stuff because they might become addicted. Excuse me? THEY WERE DYING.

We had pain meds issues with my mom when she was dying as well so, yes, huge amounts of sympathy. Huge. But no real help.

Date: 2012-09-02 07:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That is just appalling. I don't understand people. I really don't.

Date: 2012-09-03 06:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is one of the worst things I have ever heard!!!


Date: 2012-09-11 07:33 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I read a post of yours you posted back in 2005. I was googling Giardiniera without vinegar like you were. There is this Italian beef restaurant here in Tucson that has "to die for" Giardiniera but I am sure there was no vinegar in it. I am starting a hot dog cart and want to learn how to make it the good way. Did you ever find out lol! Thanks for making me feel like I wasn't going crazy ;}

Re: Giardiniera

Date: 2012-09-19 04:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Try merging these two links to taste (I definitely recommend Serrano peppers instead of jalapenos; and i would do only oil (no vinegar) when filling the jar, unless you used the vinegar in part of the pre-soak of the veggies, that might work okay i think.

It should be kept refrigerated due to the risk of Botulism


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