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J K 'lockhart' Rowling made millions by appropriating (that means STEALING) cultural experiences, some of which are extremely emotionally painful for people of those groups, and ignoring others minorities or throwing them bones and then taking undeserved praise for it.   First with Europeans, and now, like her golden 'where's my slave, i want a sandwich' so called hero, she still hasnt matured/learned and did it again to the Indigenous nations in north america.

A few 'zingers' (not even good ones) on her twitter feed when you trash us in your books does not make you an ally!  it makes you a NIMBY twofaced PR whore.

With her insincere...i know this controversial but...  'i'd like to apologise for...' followed by ducking for cover, you can hear the giggling like she's still mentally 14, and like her 'hero' she did this super great thing, and she's got to ride it for the rest of her life to maintain her living standard and place in the spotlight.... where's her slave and sandwich?  go get it slavering fans!

I say, GOOD LUCK to the 'theif' of the postcard! 

keep it.  post it to the internet for masses.  burn it.  whatever you like.   but, if the jewellry isn't hers though, it should be returned, unless this is a case of stealing to afford the only medication that would save your loved ones life and the greedy insurance co's refuse to cover it type of thing.  Then I hope you get enough for it to cover the expenses.

She can donate the auctioned amount out of her own blood-lined pockets.  Theft of an object will never equate to the theft of cultural identity, experience, trauma, and life/genocide, but y'never know what experience might set a person onto the path of rethinking their world view to be more inclusive (one gay, celibate, dead wizard, mentioned after the series had been published, doesnt count, unless the books were written 100 yrs earlier and fell thru a time warp), more compassionate when the PR machine isn't watching, and more understanding of real love... if she knew anything about it, she sure never managed to get it communicated on paper, except for a stunted, toxic version mistaken as the real thing by other emotionally immature people who would think a real 'friend' dumps you in your moment of greatest need or that the ideal boyfriend/father should be excused for being an emotionally and sexually abusive bully to both those he doesnt like for simply 'existing' as well as to his wife that he lied to, letting her think he stopped his bullying ways when he hadnt.    

If she cares about whats 'right' she can start by donating, no sorry, returning, the money she made to the groups that she has exploited and or ignored, hurting either way, along with an apology and advise to other current and would be authors to cut that shit out.  pull your books, movies etc from circulation, stop profiting from other people's suffering, stop accepting praise for throwing minorities bones, stop sharing your toxic mindset and confusing  young people that are still trying to figure out things like love and compassion.

i'm glad my grandparents arent able to read her trash... she'd have ripped open the scars on their hearts and rubbed salt in the wounds, making money and being praised for it by a younger generation that has lost touch, or was never well taught the truth of history for fear of not teaching to the final exams or offending some family that would claim their 'religious freedom' to lie to their children was being trampled on, because they'd rather teach their children that  the holocaust or trail of tears etc never happened, and alex jones is the lone truth-teller in all of journalism, i mean, entertaintainment, no i mean, lunatic ravings.



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