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Bug and I continue to write... slowly, but making progress.  10 years since our last update :-(  is that a shameful new fandom record?  i miss the days we posted a couple chapters a week.  I technically have enough to make an actual update but I want do 2 things first... make the site more reader friendly, and have enough for a few updates that can be doled out in case we get stalled due to medical issues, depression, whatever, we dont get further writer's block from anxiety about not updating so soon after trying to get back into the habit

I feel so lost in fandom.  i heard  about the LJ russian server move.... which makes me really... sad?  nostologic?    i backed up my posts to dreamwidth... i intend to keep my lj account in case of lj based discussion, or lj being sold again to some non-russian company, but i dont know how mych they will police nonrussian users... slash, especially chan slash will no doubt run afoul of their homophobic laws.  :-(

but other than the lj russian server issue... what have i missed out on?  who is still followimg my posts (and for snarry or   other reasons)?  who is still in Snarry.  Are the snarry haunts still the same ones as of years ago, or are there new ones i should know about / join?  what about meta in general?  anyplace besides here (and tumbler, which, just, no) where fandom, especially HP slash is happening?

Date: 2017-01-08 05:59 pm (UTC)
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Since the US election, I have been horrifically depressed and decided to distract myself my reading some old fan fiction and find myself missing those glorious days when fandom was a major part of my life. I even have an old story idea I may work on because being creative is supposed to help ward off depression. And anxiety.

I'm not really current on fandom but still read the same old groups. I have found most of the better quality fiction has migrated to AO3, which is where I post old stories.

Here's hoping spring comes for all of us.

Date: 2017-01-10 01:02 am (UTC)
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Wow, it's good to see your icon! Welcome back! And I'm amazed at your having managed to keep writing after all this time; that's awesome, and I applaud you. (Collective-you.)

I'm probably out of touch as far as Other Places For Snarry, since I only have DW and an Imzy account I really haven't tinkered with yet. (Okay, and there was a two-month experiment with Tumblr that ended with a whimper.)


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