Apr. 3rd, 2017

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I got an email notification from Fanlore about a change to Telanu's page ( http://fanlore.org/w/index.php?title=Telanu&diff=next&oldid=796282 ) so of course, I was curious as to why her site was removed, and a google search got me to a SnarryFicFind post about it, which was even weirder to me... Why would someone remove all their work from one fandom / pairing, but not others?  I found a possible explaination in the thread below the post: http://snarryficfind.livejournal.com/2597322.html?thread=17188042#t17188042

Evidently, this is another fandom thing I've missed during our barely being around ( :-( ) but... I don't get it.  Don't ALL fandoms have characters that some people love and others hate?  Why worry about it?  Why not just avoid / block those people that you can't stand?   Or avoid fandom on site X and enjoy it on site Y where people share your interests?  Unless you're getting death threats or something, why hide just because there are more people now who don't like the character/pairing you like?  I have to think that either Telanu left for some other reason(s), and/or I'm more out of the loop with fandom than I thought and need to be filled in on wtf is going on as its beyond my ability to imagine (filled in that is beyond what was explained in the linked thread, because if that is all, then, as far as I'm concerned, doesn't change a thing for me.  It sucks sure; but the world is full of people who are shallow, who are mean, who are hypocrites etc.  But JKR's writing and her interviews etc told me long time ago that she was shallow and a hypocrite, so really, I am not surprised she'd attract a fanbase that was.  I've always thought the circles on the LJ / DW sites were generally more insightful and caring, and that this was a minority of fandom anyway.   I read and write what I want, and I don't care what a bunch of people I never met think about it (I don't even care what most people I do know think of it)).

And on the subject of writing Snape /  Snarry... 

Bug and I have gradually got into something more resembling a regular writing pattern.  Writing 'new' stuff has been important for us since we do it together, and we've needed more of that lately.  The turning the script into prose form is something we do seperete, and just proof for eachother.  We have a future 'stopping point'  in mind ('pausing point'?  not the end of the fic,its just about 1/3rd into the book following the one we left off in the middle of so many years ago)  at which point we'll start working on the proseupdates again.  Then we can go back to alternating between the two as we used to, and even if something gets in the way of writing new stuff, there should be enough script material to keep doing updates for a while. 

I dont expect anyone to really believe it until they see the updates, (hopefully over summer or fall), but thats ok.   Saying it helps me formalise the goals in my head.  (and even if you DO believe me, please hold off on re-reading. We want to make some edits / polish some of the old stuff / make some things more clear that weren't as much as we thought they were after getting feedback/reviews etc.)


Grrr Why won't my posts from DW crosspost to LJ????  I made a test post and thought I fixed it, as the test post showed up, but when I try to repost the actual post, it will not crosspost! >:-(  I had to manually repost it over there ( http://alchemia.livejournal.com/463405.html )


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