Jun. 26th, 2014

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Need a recommendation for internet provider in chicagoland area, specifically dupage county.  bug's family ruined AT&T for us (after years of refusing contact, bug contacted them (after i pushed them too) out of desperation for help with a dental emergancy- they passed around the phone number and people called day and night despite her asking them not to, racking up a phone bill that was more than the initial dental cost bug asked help with >:(  (and of course that was just the 1st dental visit; bug needed several ore due to an aggressive infection that was threatening a bunch of teeth, and couldn't see just any ol'dentist thru the county's program due to the way bug's medical conditions interact with the anethasia and the tilting back of the head due to crumbing vertebrae from.... gosh i wonder what. >:(  So we ended up loosing the phone service we had, the internet service we had, and have creditors after us for the $500+ phone bill and the several thousand $ dental bill 

Sorry I'm rambling and ranting, grrr grrr grrr.  It was MY stupid idea, so it is really all my fault >:(

We Tried Comcast since my mother "loves it", but she has cable too and also always has enough $ in her bank account to just have her bills auto-deduct from it on time.  For us, it is too expensive for what quality is no better than what we got for half the price with AT&T, and with less leeway and  stiffer penelties for people like us who live 'hand-to-mouth' and are sometimes a couple days late due to illness or waiting to be payed (AT&T just charged us $5.95 late fee on our next bill and would disconnect if we were late a 2nd month in a row. I think that was reasonable.   Comcast hiked our bill up $15 and threatened disconnection when just 1 week late (1st time).  And they charge for the modem of course too- which I know I could provide myself, but when paying bills like this every month, I can't afford to buy the modem in the first place in order to get the discount on the bill... grrrr.  So I have to come up with $79-something in 2 days to stay online, and another $70-something that is also due very soon, but not in 2 days (the letter didn't say when)  so I need to find an alternative ASAP!

We need an ISP only- No phone, No Cable/TV, and reasonably priced! 

Going to cafe's for wifi is not an option, and there aren't any open signals strong enough near our house (and I don't have a wireless modem on my desktop anyhow).

(still haven't gotten around to pruning my reading/friends list, let alone actually reading it, so my apologies for ranting/dumping without at the least interacting....)


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