Jun. 16th, 2014

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Always thought waterbears (tardigrades) were rather cute in all the (still) photographs and drawings I saw.

Until I saw this animated Gif.

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I only NOW remembered (by seeing the msg in my inbox here) that I had signed up for Snarry-A-Thon and never even started the damn thing. Thank goodness it wasn't an exchange.  Still depressed/ashamed.

still haven't written to people I owe replies to, like a simple fucking thank you to the lawyer who helped us (free) deal with the county so we could keep out chickens/sheep, or my cousin who doing missionary work in vietnam and can't access facebook to talk to me there.  Still haven't replaced the doorknob on the bathroom door, or insert countless other chores i can't remember....

I got a new pain dr at a supposedly good pain clinic.  So far, the only good things about it are that 1. I got my fentynal raised from 50 to 75mcg, and 2. I got a TENs unit.  Otherwise, visits usually involve being lectured about things I already know and would be do if I could do it and/or if it actually worked for me.

Cracked another tooth- half came out, half stayed in.  Had to get it pulled.  Have to go get another cracked tooth looked at before the same happens to it too.

Bugland has been without a working computer/laptop/smartphone for months.  My mother finally offered to get them a tablet until I can rebuild a broken laptop someone gave us, soon as I find the $ to buy the parts for it.  Bug's still trying to figure out how the tablet works; it has Windows 8 and isn't as intuitive as one would hope; but a better choice for bug than anything apple, or android even.

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I need to edit my reading list / friends list...

Seeing so many posts of new fandoms (some I've never even heard of....), and much less of the only one I'm involved with (if i'm still even counted as involved at this point) is depressing....

And I've so little energy these days, if I'm going to try to get back to DW/LJ & fandom, I've got to cut out some of the other communities and people I friended/followed for other things which although still interests of mine, I just don't have time/energy for, like say food/cooking or photography or animation etc.; or even disability related ones, while very relevant, also just depress me even more right now to see.  Please don't be offended if I end up removing/unfriending you or leaving your community/group.

If you think I made a mistake though, please let me know.  I am tired and dyslexic, and often do make errors in marking the wrong boxes.  Just ask any teacher of mine who ever gave a scantron test (do they still have those, or have they gone the way of mimiographs... Im feeling old and useless just knowing I know what a mimiograph is :-( and I still haven't accomplished anything even slightly important/useful...)

As I know some of you have changed names... and as I suck at remembering names anyway.... Please comment if you think I should keep you on....  I'd appreciate knowing the following:

1. If you changed your name recently (which means, like, in the past few years (ashamed)) please let me know who I might remember you as (If you used to use a specific user icon back when, and no longer use it,  I might remember that better too)

2. Do you have accounts on another journal site ( LJ and/or DW ); iif so- same or different name?

3. What do you tend to post about?

4. If applicable: your fandoms (and pairings) if relevant?

5. If you have any recommendations for me of people/places to read/friend/follow/join- esp Snarry or Meta fandom related.

If you want to comment anything else, feel free....






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