Aug. 5th, 2012

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I have had some people ask in private messages/emails about if we ever plan to finish ABP. The answer is YES. Bug's MS has just been very bad and they have recently developed grandmal seizures (a few a week sometimes) so we have been spending a lot of time at dr's which wears them out. My own meds stopped working well, so the dr tried me on different ones- the first of which did not work, the second of which seem to be working but have the side effect of making me sleep 15 hrs a day (i'm told this will go away as I get used to it). Besides illness, in the past couple yrs we've just been incredibly distracted by things like that huge storm that smashed thru our town last month, buying a house/moving in/fixing up, training an aide dog, health issues of other family members etc.

We have a lot of the story scripted out, and I am inspired to write, I just need to 1) find time, and 2) be not in too much pain so I can sit still at the computer for a significant length of time and concentrate.
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I have an embarrassing request. Can any of my friends here help out with some $$$ even if its just a few bucks. the reason is under the cut, and affects Intertexius/ABP among other things, thank you....

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