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The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary

High school drop out Arunachalam Muruganantham has helped bring cheap sanitary pads to rural India, and a way for women to earn money, by inventing a simple machine to make them - but it nearly cost him his marriage.

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This is horribly late, but much thanks to [personal profile] ceci - I don't know if that is their name on LJ, DW, IJ, or some other HP / Fansite, but hopefully the right person sees this.   Both Bug and I have enjoyed The Annotated Brothers' Grimm, and Dawkin's Unweaving the Rainbow; both are also good inspirations for story writing.
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Our B&W tuxedo cat, Toby, (who, in combination with Scottie, a maincoon cat who died several year back, combined in part to give us an initial image of Harry!Cat) died the other day.  He is survived by: Susan the Cranky and Elderly, Cello the cow-spotted terror (She was also Toby's Dom), and MahJongg the hasn't been a kitten for years but we still think of her as one.
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Alchemia will never forget the day another customer at the petshop asked to pet his dog, Mikołaj, and Mikołaj then pee'd on her leg.
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Looking forward to Snarry-a-Thon.  I have art planned. 

Damn.  Using facebook for so long has made me tend towards short posts.  Could be worse; I could have been using twitter.


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Damn it. I've spent too much time on facebook and not enough in LJ-clone land.  I keep looking for the 'like' button.
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My wife is nearly housebound due to MS and other illnesses; is on Medicaid/medicare. There is a service that sends DRs to the house. For the past several months, the Dr we have had has been verbally abusive, doesn't listen to her, demands her aide dog is not in the house, and even then, refuses to treat her. Her health has seriously deteriorated during this time. Does that count as "malpractice" or something else? The company they work for takes the side of the Drs. What legal recourses do we have? We are in Illinois.

ETA: We have asked for different drs and they claim to send them out but they never came. Or they came and so were very very very quiet that our dogs didn't even hear them to alert us (and they alert us to things we don't even hear at the other end of the block, so I doubt that).


Dec. 2nd, 2013 12:25 am
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I never played the original Sims, but we got the 2nd one included with a computer system and got hooked.  Sims3 was an obvious improvement being "3-D", but it was also harder to custom make objects and outfits etc (imho).  Do we need a Sims4 already?  I'm having trouble seeing how it would be worth whatever "improvements" they've made to it (apparently solitary woohoo is one.  But have they brought back alien babies and mpreg??? Disabled sims would be nice too (eg with wheelchairs or white canes), but i suspect the mpreg is more likely)

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I came across this page at the Smithsonian magazine site: link.

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Ipad / apple people.... my uncle brought an IPad for my grandmother to watch mass when she is recovering from surgery.  But can't get the video to work.  Can anyone tell me why?  Page is here:  Click on the little film-strip image with the word "Transmisje" under it.   It should ask for a user login and password, use 5835 for both.

On my PC desktop, when I did it, I was prompted to install a plugin from Brickcom, and afterwards, the image/video came thru fine.  But when I was helping my uncle with the ipad, we got no such prompt... only a blank screen.  My *guess* is that he has plugins turned off or something, but I'm not sure where/how to check that, or if that is even the actual problem.

(I also tried to do a search for Brickcom Plugins but can't find a page to just manually install it from).


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Oh Fuck You PayPal!!!  Because I don't have enough $ to open an extra bank account to link to you, I can't activate my replacement Debit card even though I've been a PayPal user for over a decade?  Now, if anyone buys and pays for anything i sell online, I cannot use that money to pay any of my bills!!!  I even have money in paypal right now, and I have overdue Gas and Electric and Dr bills and Prescription co-pays, and no money in checking.  I was so glad to get my replacement debit card so I could Pay some of this stuff and Now I can't!   I can only use the money in my paypal now at online stores that accept paypal, and I don't have enough "wiggle room" every month to afford to buy such luxuries.  Fuck you you fucking fuckers for holding my $ hostage.  I wish I believed in a Hell so I could imagine all the ways you should be made to suffer there  >:(

Thank you

May. 15th, 2013 10:01 pm
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Thank you to the person that gave me a purchased Dreamwidth account! :-)
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One of the most depressing things I've encountered recently was a review for ABP that described it as "abandoned".  Its not, although i understand why people would think so.

Bug and I talk about it often, and try writing in fits and spurts. 

Those that have followed us closest might remember we've been dealing with things like both of us having pain issues (joint disease for me, while Bug was diagnosed with MS a couple yrs ago).  So there's the stress and anxiety and depression with that.  About 2.5 yrs ago we moved to our first house we bought.

I know there is lot sof stuff between then and now, but to be honest, I can't remember.  Heck, if you asked me to list our stressors just inthe past month, I'd not remember half of them, let alone put them in chronological order.  Its just like before we have finished with stressor A, stressor B hits us.  We finally take care of A, only to have C hit us, before we are finished with B, and so on.

I'll have to write about the current shit we'll dealing with for anyone who is interested, but not now as i have to get to bed very soon and that needs to be flocked anyway.

Anyway, back to ABP...

For a while, I had been resolving to get the current book finished... and since is was so long since an update, i figured that since people would likely need to re-read to remember WTF was going on, I might aw well just make it one big update - like "update: book finished!"  yeah, that worked well, didn't it?  I mean, just give myself an impossibly big task, with no positive feedback as I went along, while life continues to throw shit at me... why i thought that was a good idea, again, i don't know.

So, new idea!

i'm going to go back to posting updates- even if just a few pages at a time.  I can't promise they will be regular, but I should actually make some progress instead of just falling into despair at my ongoing failure, and hopefully prevent any further encounters of "warning: abandoned fic". 

Book Gift!

Apr. 28th, 2013 03:34 am
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Thank you who ever sent me the Chicken Health Handbook! Awesome surprise and very useful.
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Instead of visiting the Dunkin Donuts for the usual 3 garbage bags full of perfectly fresh bagels...

I went to answer a FreeCycle post for
  • a mini-fridge....

Along the way I found:
  • nice solid wood shelves that I converted into a chicken nesting center
  • a nice and sturdy white painted wooden shelf that matches  the guest room
  • a mini roll-top desk that Bug can use even when in their wheel chair and it matches the living the living room
  • a plant stand to match the same room
  • an old photo album of wedding photos,
  • cute little wooden box I have a craft/art idea for
  • a wooden TOY CHEST,
  • a really cool looking toy circus train with tracks!!!
  • A DVD of Finding Nemo
  • a sturdy wooden dvd-holder that is supposed to be on a lazy-susan, but i unscrewed that and now its a toy tower for the rat play table!!!!
  • A red glass candlestick holder that can double as a bud vase (or maybe a bud vase that doubles as a candlestick holder....)
  • A little wall hanging wire heart thing to hold a votive candle in!
OMG, Did I miss anything? :-D  If only it wasn't raining, I could have scavenged tons of books too :-(  There were some BEAUTIFULLY carved chairs but I had no room car for them- sometimes I wish I had a truck, but then I think of the cost of gas....
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April is Autism Awareness Month.  So there is something I'd like to caution people about when it comes to making charitable donations.

Despite the misleading name, "Autism Speaks", the largest and most vocal autism organisation, does not have any one on its board or leadership that is on the autistic spectrum. They've caused much grief in the autistic community by bullying autistics into silence, and presenting autism in a way that dehumanises us.

There are many others groups that need support, such as the Autism Society of America in the US and the National Autistic Society in the UK, both of which, despite having flaws (as all groups do) at least make an effort to have people on the spectrum on their boards/committees, to support Autistics in all life stages, and to be sensitive to the feelings of actual Autistic people.

    National Autism Society, UK:
    Autism Society of America:

So if you make a donation- please, make it to groups that care about what Autistics have to say, rather than a group that ironically goes out of its way to silence us.

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I've had this multimedia piece hanging around for a couple years now so i figured I'd finish it finally for Autism Awareness Month. I'm not that happy with how it turned out, but it's one less thing sitting here unfinished at least.
Title: Notes on Style
Artist Notes: This is mixed media on canvas board, involving paint, torn book pages, paper cut outs, and zip-tone press type; with some additional editing done on the computer. The text is from a page torn out of the book "Autism: Explaining the Enigma" by Uta Frith.
Click to enlarge.


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