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Aug. 2nd, 2016 05:33 am
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Wasted a few hrs playing this cute littlr interactive fiction game, in which you are Sherlock Holmes dog and you sniff your way thru the game....
can play online so any platform...

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Abandoned at 3 yrs of age due to an unfortunate situation, we were able to save her life, but our disabilities prevent us from fostering her long term.  We need to get her into a pitbull rescue foster grop ASAP, or find an doptive home for her ASAP (which means needed funds for spaying, etc).  Until one of these two futures can be actualised, we need help with the cost of supplies and especially dogwalking as we are physically unable to do this due to disabilities.

See the whole story at

since gofundme doesnt accept paypal, if you prefer to use that, you can also send donations via paypal to AGangi(AT)rodentfancy(DOT)com - it will appear as ''pet nouveau'' rather than my name. Please mention 'abandoned pitbull princess DONATION'' when sending the paypal funds so I can keep it organised, thank you! gofundme:  Donations of supplies / services are also welcomed; we are in the far west Chicago suburbs. 

Even if you cannot donate or adopt, please help by sharing the links!!!

If interested in adopting her, please email me at Princess(AT)Rodentfancy{DOT}com

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"When people ask me why I don’t like Autism Speaks, I explain their lack of focus on true advocacy for autistic people, the bulk of their funding does not go toward creating support systems and programs, and that their campaigns are dehumanizing and harm people on the spectrum....

Since the public isn’t typically familiar with all of their rhetoric, I decided to break it down here...."

Read the rest at:

"After reading this, tell me how I’m supposed to give my support to Autism Speaks."LAM on the LAM

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"... You want it to be called differently-abled?

Go change the world so that our different sets of abilities really are just different sets and they don't get all kinds of discrimination for being unexpected or (supposedly) wrong sets.

Go make sure people don't think existence with my set of abilities is tragic and not worth living and that murdering people for being like me is seen as the murder and horror that it is, not as some sort of mercy killing.

Go make sure that the tools we need are in our possession.
Go get rid of the access barriers.
Make ableism stop being a thing, and we can talk..."

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Jim Sinclair gave a presentation at the 1993 International Conference on Autism which turned into the essay "Don't Mourn for Us."

Many people consider that presentation and that essay the beginning of the modern autism rights movement.


Autism isn't something a person has, or a "shell" that a person is trapped inside. There's no normal child hidden behind the autism. Autism is a way of being. It is pervasive; it colors every experience, every sensation, perception, thought, emotion, and encounter, every aspect of existence. It is not possible to separate the autism from the person--and if it were possible, the person you'd have left would not be the same person you started with.

This is important, so take a moment to consider it: Autism is a way of being. It is not possible to separate the person from the autism.

Therefore, when parents say,

I wish my child did not have autism,
what they're really saying is,
I wish the autistic child I have did not exist, and I had a different (non-autistic) child instead.

Read that again.

This is what we hear when you mourn over our existence.

This is what we hear when you pray for a cure.

This is what we know, when you tell us of your fondest hopes and dreams for us: that your greatest wish is that one day we will cease to be, and strangers you can love will move in behind our faces.


The rest can be read at:
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"I celebrate my Autistic, Disabled life.

It seems illogical, but it is not...

It is about assumptions, based on what is considered “normal”, how we are supposed to feel about things considered “difficult to live with”....  I do not celebrate that majority or their assumptions....

I celebrate MYSELF, my LIFE, and everything about me. I do celebrate being non-speaking because I believe I am a better me when I am really LISTENING and LEARNING. I celebrate being non-speaking because it is the only me I know, and because I can still “say” what I want to say, and fight for my rights, without oral speech...." 

- Amy Sequenzia  ~

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Image is a graphic reading, "And it’s funny really (in a not funny at all kind of way) that we talk so much about the inflexibility, the rigidity of those on the autism spectrum when really, isn’t it US, the so-called neurotypical population, who are stuck in this frightfully narrow rut of perception? Isn’t it us who insist that Autistics conform to our version of .. well, everything? Isn’t it us who are really so rigid in our thinking as to be capable of believing that other ways of processing / thinking / communicating / experiencing are wholly invalid? That’s pretty remarkable (and, in its practical application, horrifying) stuff, isn’t it?"} - Diary of a Mom
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Posted this in previous years, but still applicable for this year's autism awareness week.  It features a page torn from a book by Uta Frith (2003), justifying the use of "it" as a pronoun to refer to autistics.  Would the same justification be so casually made if the book instead dealt with children of a specific ethnic or religious group, deaf or blind children, etc?

BETTER QUALITY / SIZE image is available here:

Title: Notes on Style

Artist Notes: This is mixed media on canvas board, involving paint, torn book pages, paper cut outs, and zip-tone press type; with some additional editing done on the computer. The text is from a page torn out of the book: Autism: Explaining the Enigma by Uta Frith ( )

I've had this multimedia piece hanging around for a couple years now so i figured I'd finish it finally for Autism Awareness Month. I'm not that happy with how it turned out, but it's one less thing sitting here unfinished at least.

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I wanted to write at least 1 post a day on topic for Autism Awareness/Acceptance month, and already, I've managed to screw up days 3, 4, 5 and 6, as well as sleep through the holiday weekend that my mum, her boyfriend, my wife and I were looking forward to after weeks of stress and more to come (medical tests mostly for several of us). I suppose in a way this is "on topic though",sleep problems have been found to have some overlap with autism spectrum disorders.

Read more... )
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(described in text)


Today is #LightItUpBlue day, launched in 2010 by #AutismSpeaks.  The cartoon above features "soundbites" from past "awareness" campaigns by Autism $peaks.  DON'T "Light it up Blue", DON'T Support Autism Speaks, learn why here:

For those that can't see the image, the sound bites (being said by blue puzzle pieces, similar to  Autism $peaks' logo) include:

"You are why we can't have nice things and have any fun!"
"We don't hate you, we just hate your autism!!"
"Worse than Cancer and AIDS combined!"
"Anyone who puts up with you must be a saint!"
"Hands Down!"
"Mommy would have killed you were it not for your NORMAL sister!"

The words are directed at three children. one is covering her ears, one is crying and one holds a sign that reads: "And you say that we are the scary ones"

Video clip that the "mommy would have killed you..." references (Trigger warning for a mother talking about killing her daughter, IN FRONT OF SAID DAUGHTER):  it is from  Autism $peaks' video "Autism Everyday" ( )
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April is "Autism Awareness Month". Some prefer to call it "Autism Acceptance Month". I like that, but acceptance won't happen without awareness, and unfortunately, the most vocal on the subject tend to be NeuroTypicals (NTs) talking about us, without us, for their own agendas; this usually means that what gets presented in the media is at best, ignorant, at worst, calculated propaganda to incite fear and/or hate.

I have not written much for a long while, so in an effort to make it more habitual, I am using this month as a springboard. I will try to make at least one post each day this month on Autism, it might be a long post, or it might be nothing more than a link to something by someone else. If I can manage my spoons, I may post something 'off topic' as well... I dunno... our pets, fanfic related, whatever. Hopefully, I will find it easier to be more active about posting after April is over with.

PS: Please do NOT donate to "Autism Speaks".  I will write, or find a link, about why, and will find some other groups people can donate to instead, in an upcoming post.

My first two links for Autism Awareness month:Blue Puzzle Piece (symbol commonly used by Autism Speaks and other Autism groups) inside a red circle with a diagonal line through it, indicating a rejection of the puzzle piece symbol.  I am not a puzzle

ThAutcast: Aspergers and Autism Community on Facebook
Several of my autistic friends are expressing anxiety about the fact that April begins tomorrow.
We know we will be the subject of month-long focus on what a problem we are.
We know that there will be many news stories about the research breakthroughs that promise to get rid of us.
We know people will talk for a month about how we are bankrupting our countries and ruining the lives of our families.
And then they will check "autism" off of their list of causes and forget about it until next year.
Autism Awareness hurts.

The Depiction of Autism and Why it Matters
by: Ariane Zurcher (Mother of an Autistic daughter)

...As someone who once devoured anything on the subject of autism through the lens of ignorance and as a result was paralyzed with the fear these depictions induced, I am aware of the underlying emotional manipulation that is often so obviously being employed. It is propaganda, whether intentional or not, biased, deeply prejudiced and intended to create fear. And it is doing tremendous damage to autistics and to all of our autistic children who will soon grow up to be autistic adults. These types of imagery perpetuate the marginalization and unfortunate stereotyping of people on the spectrum....
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Sacha Goldberg's "...collection demonstrates the use of 17 century techniques counterpointing light and shadow to illustrate nobility and fragility of the super powerful of all times..."

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Noticed 16 ppl "like" him, but only 4 ppl "voted".... you MUST click the VOTE BUTTON- just "like" won't count! (Unless those people voted earlier and can't change it but wanted to say hi)
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This year has been so depressing.  Bug and I have desperately been trying to write but we've maybe done the equivalent of 1 chapter spread out over the year.  My pain dr won't do anything about the meds not helping b/c my pain is getting worse because a ton of physical work has been dumped on me in the past year.  Drs won't do anything about my worsening sleep problems either.  

We lost two of our cats, Toby and Susan, just a few months ago.  We've been having mounting problems with medical and dental issues.  I have panick attacks almost every day.  During the worst of them, bug tried to give me a hug and because I was rocking so hard (they were on/behind me and I was in a sort of fetal position) the movement ended up hurting their neck/back where they have spondelosis, exactly the thing I try to prevent them doing to themselves when they have a seizure. and they spend the rest of the day having to crawl everywhere because they couldn't feel their feet.  Bug desperately needs to see a dentist who can work on them w/o damaging their neck by tilting/turning it the wrong way or thy''ll loose their teeth soon (their meds dry their mouth making decay/gingivitis accelerate).  They also need to get rod put in their neck to stablise it from the spondelosis that started back in childhood and has been getting worse- the bones are crumbling.  I need two teeth worked on too or I'll loose them, but that is much less important than her tooth and neck problems.

Whenever i look at A Bittersweet Potion or other fanfic work, or see some post about how its supposedly discontinued I end up crying.   Ditto for any of my rat genetics articles.  I repeatedly fuck up paying the bills, getting things in late, sending the wrong amounts to the wrong companies (like switching the figures, dyslexic).  I am completely useless and if I wasn't terrified of what would happen to Bugland, and of screwing it up and ending up in a hospital i'd probably be ded already. 

My grandmother is dying; it's the 20th anniversary of my dad's death and  Last month we had a terrible emergancy with our Disability Service Dog Mickey and expected him to die. Mickey is named for my grandfather who also died less than a year before my father when I was in highschool.  Our regular vet would allow us to pay what we could over time, but they couldn't help him and we had to go to a specialty vet- who doesn't know us and won't do that for us.  Diagnosing him alone required multiple X-Rays., Ultrasounds, a Spinal tap and even a fucking MRI of his brain and spine!

The bills are already around $10,000 and will probably be double that by the time we are done, as he is on a shitload of pain meds and expensive antibiotics that he has to be on for months, plus check-up visits and more XRays and possibly another MRI to know when he is in the "clear"/"cured".  I used up what little savings we had, our credit cards are maxed out, my mum's are or soon will be, and other than me tam my mum and grandmother there's no other family to go to. 

We're supposed to have in-home help, but we've had help for over a month (long story, if you want to know about it, its in the link below.  So I'm doing twice the physical work load I am used to and on less pain meds b/c the dr's are either too scared of the FDA or dn't believe i hurt as much as I claim, esp given my age.  Ontop of that, I've been sick for the past 3 and a half weeks, despite being on antibiotics.  I feel like I have mono again even though I've been told you cant have it twice... I struggle to be awake more than 6 hrs a day... struggle more so that the 6hrs are during business hours so I can get things done.

This is the PLEA:

PLEASE if you can take just a couple minutes and click some buttons and ask your friends to.  You don't have to spend anything.  I need to keep the page telling our dog's story well-visitted enough (if it falls under a certain # visitors, they disable it) to keep ads on it which doesn't give me alot in revenu, but every little bit counts.  Make it your homepage to guarantee a hit a day?  Ask friends to?  That page is here:  Currently the ad is a banner at the bottom, but I will be experimenting with different sizes / numbers / placements. 

TIME SENSITIVE!!!  I know this is late, but with everything going on, and crying every time I tried to write or edit photos, i didn't get it done until now. ...  There is a pet costume contest on the Pet Supplies Plus page.  We usually go to the in store costume contests, but Mickey isn't allowed to go out due to the injuries!    Voting ends on the night of the 31st so if you have a facebook page, PLEASE vote for our dog and ask your FB friends to vote for him.    If we win, we'll get a gift certificate which will help us buy the pet food while we put all our $ towards the vet costs.

Here is the link to vote for him in the costume contest:  I know I fucked up getting him entered so late, but If enough people vote and enough people get their friends to vote, maybe we can at least get 3rd prize?  We have to try!

There are other options on the   page... a donation link if anyone wants to donate, even just $1, and I will be auctioning some of my artwork off on Ebay - I got photos taken i just need to write up the auctions now (first I need to go to the pharmacy and petstore though.... I will post again when I have the auctions up, or you can just bookmark and check back later.

Thank you everyone who helps in any way, even just visiting the page for ad revenue.

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"... A Christian mother is writing a ‘family friendly’ version of Harry Potter – in which gay headmaster Albus Dumbledore is actually a straight reverend.

The story ‘Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles’ is currently 8000 words long, and was written by evangelical mother Grace Ann, who took it upon herself to remove all references to witchcraft, homosexuality and liberal values.

In the new version of the story, Lord Voldemort is known for persecuting Christians, while Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon ‘mistreat’ Harry by forcing him to listen to Richard Dawkins.

It also recasts Albus Dumbledore – the gay headmaster of Hogwarts who had a romance with Gellert Grindelwald in the original novels – as ‘Reverend Dumbledore’, who is married to..." Professor Minerva McGonagall, with whom he has a daughter, Hermione Granger, who — inexplicably — has a different last name from the rest of her family....

"... Ensuing chapters also reveal Slytherin (catholic) Ron’s worship of idols, Harry’s refusal to pray to the Virgin Mary, and this iconic sorting-hat moment:

"...and then he [Harry] jumped up onto the table; and he got down on his knees; and he raised his hands to the ceiling of the Great Hall; and he bellowed, “Dear Lord, I have made my decision! I am a GRYFFINDOR HAT!”

Snape, apparently, is a Gryffindor as well. Pray we find out why in Chapter 8. "


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